Free shipping on US orders $25+
Free shipping on US orders $25+
Free shipping on US orders $25+
Free shipping on US orders $25+

USPS Holiday Shipments

To our wonderful customers: If you're here, you're probably experiencing a transit delay with USPS. We wanted to include some helpful information here while you are waiting for a personal response.

JANUARY UPDATE: We are seeing the majority of packages deliver on time or slightly behind. Some packages can still take up to 3 weeks to arrive because of occasional facility closures and staff shortages. Delays of that length, while frustrating, are not an indication of package loss.
  • If your package is currently stuck at some point in transit: we know it can be alarming to see no movement on your tracking. Rest assured, that USPS is working hard to get packages delivered as quickly as possible. Failure for tracking to update regularly is not unusual at the moment and is not an indication of package loss. 
  • If your package is showing in Pre-shipment: this means that the package has been passed off to USPS  on the day the label was created. We are seeing long wait times for some packages to insert into the USPS tracking system at the moment due to a gridlock our local USPS distribution center is experiencing. 
Unfortunately, USPS is so backed up in some areas that they are very often not scanning packages until the final delivery as they focus on moving things through the network as fast as they can. Many times we see packages go from "Pre-shipment" to "Out for Delivery" with no scans in between. We do recommend signing up for text message updates on your package, as that often seems to spur an update on their side!

Normal delivery time has been extended to up to 3 weeks and rest assured that we are working behind the scenes to push for as timely of a delivery as possible. If your package has been in transit in excess of 3 weeks, please reach out to us so we can help further.

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel, change orders, or reroute packages that have already been processed, as USPS cannot support shipping changes at this time.  If your order arrives after the timeline you need it for and you no longer want it, we are happy to facilitate a return or exchange!

We know this is frustrating, but with the closures and staff shortages due to the pandemic, higher than ever package volume, and recent snowstorms, please know these unexpected changes to shipping timelines are widespread and out of our control. We wish there was more we could do, but we will continue doing all we can!

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the shipping carriers as we head into this New Year!

Wishing you very Happy New Year!
The Little Sleepies Team