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Bamboo Viscose Pajamas: 9 Reasons Why We Love Them (and you will too)

family in pajamas family in pajamas

family in pajamas

Bamboo viscose is more than just a fabric to us. It was a solution. When our founder, Maradith’s son Gavin was a newborn, he had terrible eczema. She tried everything to give him relief -- lotions, soaps, you name it. And that’s when she realized his sleepwear needed to change, too. The majority of baby pajamas on the market irritated his eczema-prone skin, so she sought out fabrics that wouldn’t.

After tons of research, Maradith discovered bamboo viscose. While she was initially drawn to the soft material that calmed her son’s eczema, she quickly discovered that bamboo viscose has many other benefits. And couldn’t wait to share bamboo viscose sleepwear with other parents! Here’s why we love bamboo viscose and are confident you will too:

Softest fabric ever (no, really!)

Scratchy fabric isn’t good for you, and it’s definitely not good for your baby. How your clothes feel is essential, especially when it comes to PJs. When you’re comfortable, you (and your family) are more likely to sleep better. And who doesn’t love a great night’s sleep?

Gentle on sensitive skin

Bamboo viscose is naturally gentle on sensitive or eczema-prone skin. The thin, soft bamboo viscose reduces irritation, and it’s not treated with chemicals or fire retardants that could contribute to skin irritation. 

Kind to the planet

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet -- some species of bamboo can even grow 36 inches within 24 hours! Because bamboo grows so quickly, it doesn’t need pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation -- all of which have negative consequences for the earth.

But bamboo doesn’t just grow fast. It also regenerates without being replanted, making this super plant a renewable resource, unlike traditional fabrics. 

Perfect for any climate

Our Lunaluxe™ bamboo pajamas keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, making it the fabric of choice for year-round wear and better sleep. Don’t let the thinness of the fabric fool you! This breathable fabric helps release heat or let in warm air, allowing the material to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather or temperature.

Moisture-wicking & breathable

Breathe easy, and don’t sweat it when Lunaluxe™ bamboo is in the picture. The fiber’s micro-gaps and micro-holes allow for more ventilation and moisture absorption than other fabrics. Plus, bamboo viscose dries extremely quickly, making it ideal for night sweats or humid weather -- it won’t stick to your skin and keeps you dry and cool! 

The right amount of stretch 

Our Lunaluxe™ bamboo is a forgiving fabric which means it has plenty of natural stretch -- something that comes in handy with babies and toddlers who grow too fast! Plus it’s comfy for adults who are looking for loungewear or a pajama set to match their littles.

Bamboo pajamas are made to last

Lunaluxe™ bamboo is durable and strong, making it our go-to fabric for little ones who are constantly moving. And Lunaluxe™ is more absorbent than other fabrics, so it holds onto colors and won’t fade!


Sure it may sound minor, but the fact that Lunaluxe™ bamboo doesn’t wrinkle easily is just the icing on the cake. Whether you’re getting ready for bed or prepping for a fun family photoshoot, your jammies will be ready and wrinkle-free!

Better than cotton

If you’re weighing your choices between Lunaluxe™ bamboo and cotton, simply consider the benefits above. Bamboo is softer, more breathable, produced more sustainably, and because color absorbs easier, it won’t fade! While cotton may be more familiar and often cheaper, the value and quality of bamboo sealed the deal for us, and we’ll never go back to cotton PJs again.

The best way to discover why you love Lunaluxe™ bamboo fabric is to try it out for yourself! And once you do, we’re positive you won’t turn back. 

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