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These Father's Day Gifts Are No Joke

These Father's Day Gifts Are No Joke These Father's Day Gifts Are No Joke

Father's Day is a special day to celebrate the important role that father figures play in our lives. And fathers come in all shapes and sizes. This year, we honor the people that serve as dads, grandpas, uncles, cousins, brothers, and all-around wonderful humans and the impact they have on our lives!

One way to show appreciation is by giving him a gift he'll love and enjoy every day of the year. Pajamas are a classic gift for any dad, but not all are created equal. We rounded up the best Little Sleepies Father’s Day gifts and wrapped them up with classic dad jokes.

What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dino-snore.

You can never go wrong with a classic pajama set. Our soft, comfortable fabric in a fierce design, like Jurassic Jungle, will get him ready for snuggles. Show them why the rest of the fam is so obsessed with our signature buttery soft Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose pajamas.

What lights up a soccer stadium? A soccer match.

Matching with the big guy is so cute! And with the our Daddy & Me Family Matching, we make it easy for you. If your dad is all about family, surprise him with matching family pajamas. Get the whole family involved and make it a fun Father's Day tradition, including Grandpa, Uncle Timothy, and all the cousins. 

Where does a camper keep his money? In the River Bank!

Give him something he’ll love everywhere he goes. For the outdoor warrior, make sure he stays cozy in their sleeping bag our Happy Campers pajamas. Since our PJs are made with seasonless fabric, he’ll stay cool in the summer and warm and cozy for those chilly nights under the stars.

How do you organize a space party? You planet.

May the force be with Dad during Father’s Day! Take him to a new galaxy with his favorite characters like Darth Vader™, Yoda™, Chewbacca, R2-D2™, and C-3PO™. Not to mention a few of the most iconic ships in the galaxy — X-wings™, Imperial TIE fighters™, and the Millennium Falcon™. 

Our Star Wars pajamas are the gift he’ll love just in time for another movie marathon.

What do lawyers wear to court? Lawsuits.

Don’t get too serious with our Suited Stripe print. Suit up Dad this year with the Men's Pajama Pants and the solid Charcoal Men's Short Sleeve Pajama Top or mix and match with other PJs in his collection.

This print was created with the whole family in mind. Find kids' pajamas sets and rompers, and Women’s Sleep Shirt and suit up together!

Why did the golfer bring two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one.

For a coach or the sports fanatic in your kids’ lives, make sure they sleep in the gift of comfort with an optional backup. Our Men’s Bamboo Pajamas come in different solid colors and designs, giving you the option to curate the perfect gift for everyone you call dad.


What did Dad say when you gave him a Little Sleepies gift card? I won’t go spending it all in one place.

It’s the thought that counts. And it really does count when you give Dad a Little Sleepies gift card. It makes last-minute shopping easy for you and they will certainly appreciate the gift of comfortable choice! Send them a Little Sleepies gift card and let him pick his own design. 

No matter what you choose to give him this Father’s Day, Dad is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into finding the perfect Father's Day gift. 


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