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Parents Most Loved and Hated Children’s TV Shows

Parents Most Loved and Hated Children’s TV Shows Parents Most Loved and Hated Children’s TV Shows

There are some children’s television shows that parents love—and some they love to hate. 

We recently had the opportunity to survey 1,000 parents around the US with children under the age of five. We were on a mission to discover what moms, dads and their little ones think about today’s most popular kids’ TV shows! The results might surprise you…

Key Learnings

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the most-loved children's show for more than 25% of parents. Peppa Pig came in second place, with more than 20% of parents calling it their favorite!

  • Over 13% of parents agree that Caillou is their least favorite children's TV show. Parents say it doesn’t fare well with their little ones either, as only 1.60% of children named it their favorite.

  • Peppa Pig leads the way for the childrens’ favorite TV show, with nearly 28% of parents saying that it’s their child's fave show.

  • Almost 19% of parents agree that Ms. Rachel is the most educational children's TV show.

  • Nearly 75% of parents feel concerned about the amount of screen time their child gets.


Parents’ Favorite Children’s TV Shows

Let’s start with parents’ favorite children’s TV show: Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse…It’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This colorful animated Disney series (that you can watch in your Disney pajamas) features Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and other adorable characters. Why did it get so much love? Could it be the catchy Hot Dog Dance? Maybe. But it’s probably because the characters lead toddlers and preschoolers through interactive and engaging educational segments, and every episode has a teachable lesson. Many parents felt Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was one of the most educational shows, coming in right behind Ms. Rachel.

Ms. Rachel is the brainchild of Rachel Griffin Accurso, a preschool teacher and mom. Her YouTube series “Songs for Littles” focuses on toddler and infant speech and language development through music, play and skits. Ms. Rachel was considered the most educational children’s TV show by 19% of those who took the survey, followed by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 17%.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Ms. Rachel both appear to have that magical combination of education and entertainment. More than 50% of parents feel those elements are equally important when it comes to what their child watches on TV. 

20% of parents also named Peppa Pig their favorite children’s TV show. The British animated series that follows Peppa Pig and her family charms both parents and kids alike. One quote we loved from a survey respondent was, “The characters in Peppa Pig are super cute and the animation style is simple, bright, and full of fun, making it easy to attract young audiences.” 


The Children’s TV Shows Parents Dislike The Most

On the flip side, what are parents' least favorite shows? 

Topping the list is the Canadian children's television series, Caillou. Over 13% of surveyed parents rated it as their most disliked children's TV show. What is it about the show's mix of animation, puppet segments and live-action video do caregivers find so irritating? The survey answers didn't quite specify, but Caillou was solidly in first place, followed by the Netflix series Trash Truck and the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts, both tied at 8.30%. 

Chart showing TV shows parents dont mind watching and TV shows parents mind watching


Kids’ Favorite TV Shows

According to parents surveyed, Peppa Pig is preschoolers’ favorite television show. The little ones seem to love following the snorts and adventures of the Pig family and their friends, who boast adorably alliterative names like “Emily Elephant” and “Candy Cat.”


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse took second place for children’s favorite television show. This was the opposite of parent’s results, where Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was ranked first, and Peppa Pig came in second. 


Rounding out the top three favorite children’s shows was Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol. Kids are drawn to the catchy songs, problem-solving adventures and heroic pups that prove “no job is too big, no pup is too small” in every episode. 

Chart showing childrens favorite TV shows

Children and Screen time

While we had the chance, we decided to ask parents about their childrens’ screen time and the devices they use to watch all their shows. 

The most popular device children use is a TV (85.70%), followed by a tablet (66.20%). And while over 73% of children under the age of five get 30 minutes to two hours of screen time daily, nearly 75% of parents still feel concerned about it!

Chart showing screen time habits


Whether you’re a parent who finds your child's television tastes sweet and educational or boring and downright annoying, the fact is, screen time can be together time. As you laugh, dance, sing, and learn together, snuggled in cozy matching family pajamas or themed Bluey pajamas, you’re creating memorable moments and building lasting bonds. Before you know it, your child will outgrow these TV shows and you’ll find new shows to love (and hate).


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    Parents may want their children to stay away from certain television programs for a variety of reasons. This article provides insight into some parents preferred and nonpreferred children tv shows for their kids to watch or avoid. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jake Ranaudo


    Bluey is so popular among kids and parents! It should’ve had 250% on the list!

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    I can’t believe no one likes Trash Truck! My kids, my husband, my Mom and I LOVE Trash Truck! Lol!

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