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Spring Cleaning Laundry Tips

Ashley Trantham

Ashley Trantham

Spring Cleaning Laundry Tips Spring Cleaning Laundry Tips

When it starts to warm up and the flowers bloom, we all know what that means (besides lots of pollen): spring cleaning! As one of the biggest Little Sleepies fans, I am SO excited to share my Little Sleepies spring cleaning tips with you. That’s right; I’m giving you advice on washing, drying, and storing your Little Sleepies PJs to last. Spring is the perfect time to get a Little Sleepies laundry routine down! 

Sort your Sleepies

My first tip is to gather and sort your Little Sleepies pajamas by color. I have a designated “Little Sleepies” laundry basket where only those go. Next, when it’s time to do laundry, I go through the Little Sleepies laundry basket and sort those by color. Usually, I have three loads of Little Sleepies laundry. I do one for darks (such as Navy Jurassic Jungle), one for whites (such as Luna Neutral), and then one for the pastel colors (such as Hop to It and Tidepool Watercolor). I wash our entire family’s Little Sleepies pajamas together. As you can see, I am doing a load of pastel PJs for this post! 

Spot Treat

After sorting by color, I examine the pajamas for any stain or spot that needs to be treated and do so with a gentle spot cleaner. It is best to use a spot cleaner specifically for baby clothes, as these treatments are gentle but effective for any stains on our Sleepies. 

Turn them inside out.

Then, the next step is to turn your pajamas inside out before washing them. Thankfully I had my little man to help me sort the laundry today! When we have them all turned inside out, it’s time to start our first load. I place my PJs in my washing machine and pour a tiny amount into the detergent dispenser (usually about a tablespoon) of my favorite gentle detergent. I always wash my Little Sleepies pajamas in cold water and on a delicate cycle. 

Time to dry!

Once the first load is done, it is important to promptly remove your PJs to allow them to air dry without wrinkles. You can tumble dry on low if you’re tight on time, too!

I love using velvet hangers as the pajamas glide on effortlessly, and these hangers are extra gentle to avoid snagging the bamboo of the Little Sleepies pajamas. I usually let our pajamas dry overnight until they are ready to be folded and put away.

Getting Organized

With our two-story home and my laundry room on a separate floor from my son’s room, I had to find a way to stay organized with a busy toddler. We spend much of our day on the same floor as our laundry room and usually do our bedtime routine on this floor. 

Our storage basket system on the shelving in our laundry room has made for functional yet stylish organization. One of these baskets is designated for my toddler’s Little Sleepies pajamas, both the zippies and the 2-piece sets. Once his PJs are dry, I fold them by laying them flat with the zipper side down. Then I fold in the arms in and then the legs. I then roll them up and place them in the storage basket as pictured (zipper side up)! I fold and store the 2-piece sets in the same way (legs and arms in, then roll). This method makes for an attractive and easy-to-find display of his pajamas! As for myself and my husband’s collection, we have our own designated Little Sleepies drawer in our room.

Don’t Procrastinate

The last tip is that staying on top of laundry a little bit every day helps to make it less overwhelming. My washing machine has a feature that lets me delay starting a load. So, I will place a load of laundry (detergent and all) in the washing machine before I go to bed at night and set it on a “delayed start” for 10-12 hours (pending on when we have to be awake the following day).  That way, I wake up in the morning to my first load of laundry already finished!

I hope this post has inspired you to kick-start your spring cleaning with your Little Sleepies laundry routine! My best tip is that if you can find a cute little helper for laundry day, it is way more fun!

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