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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms, grandmothers, caregivers, aunts, and mother-in-laws raising, teaching, and hugging the next generation. If we could give each of you a gift to thank you, we would personally deliver it today. And it would definitely be something comfortable!

We think every mom deserves something special, so we collected easy DIY gifts for Mom that your kids can do to create Mother’s Day gifts for the special people in your life. 

Picture this

Put those pictures on your phone to good use! Do you have pictures of the family in matching pajamas from the holidays or during the last movie night? Print those Mommy and Me pictures and frame them for mom or grandma. They’ll love looking at those special moments every day!

Piece of art

Take those fingers and create works of art. From finger hearts and flowers to birds shaped with little feet, DIY a fun piece of art that their caregiver and aunt will love. Get everyone comfortable in their Sleepies and ask your kids to write out their names if they're practicing their letters. Frame this special artwork with popsicle sticks or a small frame. What are some creative Mother's Day gifts? Here are other ideas that the entire family will enjoy.


Mommy & Me in sunny garden print pajamas

Clay my heart

Find a blank canvas on a pot, sign, or animal-shaped clay item. Craft stores typically carry these craft pieces that are ready for an artist’s touch. Let your kids draw fun designs and use their favorite colors to create something special that they will love.

Plant it good

Get those fingers dirty by planting your mom’s favorite flower or plant in a small pot. Let your kids participate in the growth of this small gift that will also help improve their mood. Once planted, add a personalized sign or tie a ribbon around the pot.

Before planting, add extra flare by decorating a clay or plastic pot with your kid's favorite items - hearts, flowers, or the sun! Such a wonderful way to personalize this special gift!


Mommy & me in succulent love print

Bright like a diamond

You don’t have to give her expensive jewelry for her to love your gift. String colorful pasta or fun candy to make a necklace. Teach your older kids how to braid yarn or string to create a bracelet for the mom that deserves only the best!

Cook up some fun

Mother’s Day morning is always a great opportunity to surprise mom in bed with homemade pancakes. Let your kids stay in their pajamas longer on Sunday morning, and ask them to pour the batter into fun shapes and flip pancakes for a tasty start to the day.

What about the other moms in your life? Get your kids to help bake cookies to package and drop off with auntie or the moms in your neighborhood. Or try these delicious recipes she’ll go bananas for!


cookies & milk mommy & me pajamas

Go look for something

Try a gift that encourages active moms and toddlers to move! Coordinate a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt in everyone’s best Play by Little Sleepies Twirl dresses, and find things around the house, neighborhood, or backyard. Start by creating a list of mom’s favorite things and instead of hiding, go search for the items! This is guaranteed to generate endless giggles.

Put a hand on it

Their hands won’t be small forever so create personalized gifts that commemorate their tiny fingers forever. Paint your kids’ hands or let them place them into a bowl of paint, and set them on a colorful shirt, construction paper, or a potholder. Frame the art for your mother-in-law and gift the potholder to the special cook in your life.

Save it forever

Save a special item that mom will enjoy for years to come. If she loves the Little Sleepies Zippy that her child came home from the hospital in, create a special item from the fabric. Start a tradition with your kids to record a special Mother’s Day message each year so that you can enjoy it when they no longer want to participate!

We know your kids are creative! We would love to hear about the DIY Mother’s Day gifts you have received over the years or that your kids have made. Share with us below in the comments or tell us at the Facebook Little Sleepies VIPs group.


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