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Tricks (& Treats) For a Safe and Fun Halloween

Tricks (& Treats) For a Safe and Fun Halloween Tricks (& Treats) For a Safe and Fun Halloween

Costumes, candy, and pumpkins can make Halloween a howling good time for big and little kids. The excitement surrounding this spooktacular holiday can be a little stressful for small children, especially those participating for the first time. And for parents, there’s a lot to think about to keep your kids safe and have a scary good time.

Help settle your kids into Halloween with these Little Sleepies-approved fun safety tips that are sure to make you mummy of the year.

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Outdoor Halloween Safety

Always have a plan when going out with your kids. Keep these Halloween safety tips top of mind. Keep calm and pumpkin on.

  • Go out early. If you’re trick or treating or heading to a community event, get out there while the sun is still in the sky.
  • Bring flashlights and other light-up items. Encourage your kids to carry them, so they’re visible to parents, other kids, and vehicles.
  • Make sure their costume is bright and visible too. Even your little witch can look brew-tiful with safety reflectors or reflective tape.
  • Always stay with your kids. Walking up to someone’s front porch can seem like an easy task, but it’s safer to stay by their side. It can also be intimidating for first-time treaters.
  • Keep your little ghouls on the sidewalk and off lawns unless the road is closed off. And always maintain a close perimeter with your group.
  • Have you tried trick or trunking? For kids further away from a neighborhood or keeping close to home, decorate the trunk of a car and create a family costume theme - how about a Disney theme or a spooky Halloween PJ party? Bring snacks, games, and a healthy dose of competition for the best decorated car.

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Safe and Comfortable Costumes

Help them pick a costume that is eerie-sistible but still safe for going out or staying in. Here are some safe baby and big kid costume ideas.

  • Watch for small items attached to costumes that may cause a choking hazard. If your costume is too cute to pass up, remove any small pieces that can be pulled off.
  • Temperatures drop by Halloween, so keep them warm with layers. The most versatile Halloween item is the Little Sleepies black solids in all styles.
  • Prevent scratchy costumes from irritating skin with layers too! Any of our Zippies, Two-Piece Pajama Sets, and Bodysuits in solid colors are the perfect base for just about any costume!
  • A Frankenstein kid is scary enough without having skin irritation. Test face paint on a small patch of your child’s skin, and always choose non-toxic options.

And if you’re running out of time, here are some safe and easy Halloween costume ideas our customers love! A backup plan for your littles is always a skele-fun good time.

Black Zippy Pajamas as a DIY Halloween Costume

Boo Bags to Have Fun

Start a new tradition this year and get your kids to give instead of get with boo bags for Halloween. Boo bags are a harmless way to get your kids to (kindly) prank friends, neighbors, and family. There are so many ways to create your own boo bags, but here are easy and fa-boo-lous instructions.

  • Pick a small or medium bag and have your kids decorate with stickers, markers, pictures, and anything that gets them in the Halloween spirit. Don’t forget to add the word boo on the bag.
  • Fill them with personalized Halloween treats, crafts, or gifts. We love adding our Spooky Sweets Sleepyhead Lovey, or pick a Sleepyhead Lovey they’ll love year round.
  • Get creative with a personalized Halloween poem and a picture of ghosts. Be the ghost-ess with the mostest.
  • Anonymously deliver the bags by “booing” your neighbors, friends, or family. Your kids will have so much fun on this mission!

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Healthy Treat Ideas for Kids

Eat, drink, and be scary! Treats from trick or treating, school events, or play dates can add up this time of year. Keep your kids healthy by limiting the extra sugar and balancing with the good!

  • A lesson we learned as kids is still important today - always check candy from strangers, make sure it’s safe to consume, and that each piece is securely packaged. Better safe than scary!
  • Make your own Halloween treats with your kids. Here are some fun and easy ideas from This Healthy Table, including mummies and monsters.
  • And our favorite alternative? Dress sweet instead of eating them with our Spooky Sweets print.

Spooky Sweets Zippy

Ready for the scary season to begin? We want to help you stay warm, dress up, and be festive with the Little Sleepies Boo-tique. What’s your favorite?

Don’t forget to share all your Halloween traditions and treats with us on Instagram by tagging us @littlesleepies.


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