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15 Cute & Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY halloween costume of a black cat and elephant DIY halloween costume of a black cat and elephant

Little girl dressed up as a cat for HalloweenGetting kids ready for Halloween is such a treat! Whether this is their first Halloween or you’re officially an expert giving out costume advice to other parents, we’ve come up with a list of some of the most creative (and easy!) DIY costume ideas.

Over the years, we’ve seen kids with some of the best costumes incorporating our Zippies and Halloween Pjs in fun and unique ways! Let Little Sleepies help you with these fun ideas that will give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.

Black Zippy, Shorty, and two-piece pajamas got us under a spell

The most versatile Halloween color in the line-up is our solid black items. Our black PJs make the perfect base for just about any costume! 

  • Combine a black headband and a belt, and there’s a ninja in the house. You'll love using this idea to create a ninja family theme! 
  • Add a big red bow, white gloves, and a striped top hat to become Cat in the Hat.
  • Go deep-sea diving by transforming your jams into a scuba suit! Add a snorkel mask, flippers, and an air tank (make your own with an empty soda bottle).
  • The perfect combination of a witch’s hat, broom, and a long skirt, and your little will be ready to cast a spell.
  • Add little bat ears and wings and your little will drive everyone batty with the cuteness.
  • Transform your bat into a vampire with a cape, fangs, and a little make-up. It will be love at first bite.
  • Similarly, add kitty or cheetah ears, draw on some whiskers, and attach a tail. The little meows will wow.

We have other boo-tiful colors too!

Don’t stop with just black. Little Sleepies Zippy, Shorty, and two-piece pajamas in other solids also complement many colorful costume choices.

  • If your little is too cute to spook, add a tutu and crown to any solid print, and there is an instant princess in the castle. 
  • Your littles will be as quiet as a mouse in our Heather Gray
    two-piece pajama set!
  • We’ve seen little peanuts, unicorns, and dragons with Little Sleepies solids. There is no limit when you have an adorable little.

Prints that are too cute to spook

Our fa-boo-lous prints inspire other costumes that just need a few additional pieces and a little imagination. Check out these fun ideas!

  • Get the entire family together for a Halloween custom with our Bananas print. Combine with a few monkeys and you have yourself a wild theme.
  • Go deep under the sea with Shark Soiree two-piece pajama by creating a  baby shark (sorry for putting that tune in your head!). 
  • Feeling thirsty? A lemonade stand might do the trick! Combine the Lemons print with some pitchers and a cardboard stand for the cutest refreshment station around.

A ready made costume

Our Costume Sleepy Bags make dressing up for the holiday easy as one, two, boo!

  • For The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, our Jack and Sally Sleepy Bags are scary cute.
  • Underwater adventures will come to life as they transform into a Mermaid or Shark for the holiday.
  • Dress them up as their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, too!

Regardless of how your little one dresses up this Halloween, we are sure that the smile behind the costume will lift all spirits!

Are you creating a Halloween costume this year with Little Sleepies items? Tell us below in the comments or join our community to share with other parents looking for creative dress-up options!

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  • Brenda Mann


    These are all really good ideas! I love the family of moleys costume idea as well as the many characters a child could be while wearing the black zippy. I also love the lemonade stand idea!

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