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What are TOG ratings?

What are TOG ratings? What are TOG ratings?

You make decisions every day about your baby's safety, comfort, and happiness, and bedtime brings many questions. Like you, we’ve given a lot of thought to safe sleep and how to make sure your baby is cozy all night long.

A wearable blanket, also known as a baby sleep bag, sleep sack, or Sleepy Bag, has many safe and comfortable benefits for supporting a good sleep schedule. But how do you know which is the best - and safest - for your baby? We outline some questions that might come up in your search for the perfect wearable blanket.



What is TOG?

The Little Sleepies Sleepy Bags are sized by warmth level and weight. You’ll notice that the warmth level has a TOG rating. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a unit of measurement used to calculate a product’s thermal insulation.

The thicker the TOG, like 1.5 TOG, the warmer the item. Keep in mind that the rating has nothing to do with product weight.

This European standard isn’t a requirement in the US but we have our Sleepy Bags independently lab-tested to verify their level of warmth.

Why is a TOG rating important?

Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures and can lose heat fast, that’s why it’s important to keep them at an optimal temperature. Overheating is a known risk factor for infants, so it’s important to research the most optimal TOG products to avoid baby overheating.

When you take into account the season and the temperature of the room in which your baby sleeps, it’s important to manage baby’s body temperature with a sleep bag or sack that keeps them safe.

Why is a Sleepy Bag a better option?

Experts recommend keeping soft objects, like loose bedding and blankets, out of a baby’s sleep area and crib. Our lightly weighted wearable blankets create the ideal sleep environment year round, while still giving baby the room to wriggle and move, while reducing the harm of additional sheets and blankets.

Unlike swaddle blankets which are wrapped securely around your newborn so they can’t wriggle out, sleep bags are alternatives to blankets.

A Little Sleepies Sleepy Bag is comfortable and safe while they sleep. It surrounds the baby, providing insulation and a warm pocket of air around their body. Plus, no worries about blankets coming off in the middle of the night.


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When is it time to transition to a Sleepy Bag?

When she’s getting too big to swaddle, it’s time to consider a sleep bag. If she’s squirming out of the swaddle and getting those arms out or turning over, start introducing a sleep bag during naps—eventually, transition to night time.

Not all sleep bags are made the same, just like not all babies are the same. A sleep bag or sack is given a TOG rating according to the amount of warmth it provides. Understanding your baby’s room temperatures is important when choosing the right sleep bag.

Our Sleepy Bags come in two different TOGs so you can choose the best option for your home and baby.

  • Lightweight - 0.5 TOG, best for room temperatures 72° - 78° F
  • Seasonless - 1.5 TOG, best for room temperatures 68° -74° F

For safety reasons, do not size up and ensure a proper fit around the arms and neck.

What should baby wear while using a Sleepy Bag?

If your baby is wearing a Sleepy Bag in addition to their favorite Zippy, each new layer increases the TOG rating. Depending on the time of year and the temperature in your home, you will need to adjust the layers so that baby’s body temperature stays regulated.

Sleepy Bags are made out of custom-milled, buttery soft Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose fabric on the inner and outer layers. And just like your favorite Little Sleepies pajamas, the bamboo viscose in Sleepy Bags is a thermoregulating fiber.



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How can I tell if baby is too warm?

The best way to feel your baby’s body temperature is to touch the back of their neck. A sweaty neck means they are too hot. A warm neck means your baby is at a comfortable, warm temperature. And if their neck is too cold, you may need another layer.

Once you transition to a sleep bag, make sure you know the warning signs of an overheated child. If their hair is damp or they are feverish, have a sweaty face and neck, or have red ears, it may be a sign that they are overheated, and you should switch to a Sleepy Bag with a lower TOG.

Also, if your baby frequently wakes during naps or at night, they may be too hot or cold, and you may need to adjust to a different TOG rating. Remember that they may be fussy for other reasons, such as teething, different sleep patterns, and noises.

Other reasons you’ll love Sleepy Bags

  • Easy diaper changes: our double zipper swoops to the front for easy changes.
  • Make time for sleep: create a bedtime ritual by transitioning into their Sleepy Bag when it’s time to go to sleep.
  • Lighter packing: getting a baby ready for a trip or night away is easier when you’re packing a Sleepy Bag.
  • Extra room for growth: our Sleepy Bags are designed with extra length for longer wear and adjustable under arm snaps to grow with your baby.


We'll help you make good sleeping decisions, so you have more time for snuggles. And if you need another reason to love our Sleepy Bags, here are seven more!


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