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7 Reasons to Love our Sleepy Bags

babies in wearable blankets with mickey and minnie babies in wearable blankets with mickey and minnie

Dreamy comfort awaits...

Whether you already own a Little Sleepies Sleepy Bag or are curious about trying one, we've compiled everything you need to know about this new and improved fan-favorite—right here!

We know how important a good night's sleep is for babies, so we designed a bamboo sleep sack that's super-soft, incredibly functional and absolutely adorable. Our Sleepy Bags have always made bedtime comfier and cuter! But since our last Sleepy Bag release, we took a good look at our community's feedback and requests, then took those notes to our design team!

They feature extra length for longer wear, double zippers for easy diaper changes and adjustable snaps to grow with baby—just like before. But this time around, we moved the zipper to the front and adjustable snaps under the arms for your convenience and comfort. A zipper cover and smooth shoulder seams means nothing gets in the way of cozy snuggles! When it comes to weights and sizes, you've got options based on the temperature of your nursery: lightweight (0.5 TOG) or seasonless (1.5 TOG).

Here are seven reasons why parents love our Sleepy Bags, and why you will too!

Comfiest Fabric Ever

Made from the same proprietary blend of custom-milled Lunaluxe™ Bamboo as our pajamas, our Sleepy Bags are buttery soft and make your baby feel like they're sleeping among the clouds! And with fully encased zippers and a tagless design, your little one will never feel a cold or itchy zipper or tag against their skin.


Perfect for Any Nursery Temperature

We want every LS family to be able to enjoy our Sleepy Bags, whether in a warm or cool climate! So, our Sleepy Bags come in two different TOGs (Thermal Overall Grade). What's the best sleep sack TOG for your little one? Consider your climate and home temperature:

Lightweight: 0.5 TOG, best for temperatures 72º - 78º F

Seasonless: 1.5 TOG, best for temperatures 68º - 74º F

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Super Convenient Details

There's nothing more than challenging than a late-night diaper change. Trust us, we've been there. We designed our Sleepy Bags with double zippers that make it easy to fully open flat or unzip the lower half and take care of the mess without making a bigger mess! In our new and improved design, the zipper swoops around to the front of the chest (with a soft covering on top), making it even more convenient for caregivers.


They Grow with Baby

Babies grow so, so fast! Little Sleepies Sleepy Bags feature extra length and snaps under the arms to adjust the fit as your baby grows—allowing them to fit longer, just like our pajamas. For safety reasons, do not size up with baby sleep bags and ensure a proper fit around the arms and neck.

Featured Products: Heather Blue Sleepy Bag & Blue To The Moon & Back Zippy

Safety Comes First

Cuteness aside, our Sleepy Bags are a bedtime essential because they keep your baby or toddler safe at night. Experts recommend keeping soft objects, like loose bedding and blankets, out of a baby's crib due to the risk of suffocation. Instead, wearable blankets like our bamboo Sleepy Bags are recommended to create a safe sleep environment that'll keep your baby warm, comfortable and most importantly, safe.


Made for Matching Moments

Bedtime is always more fun in Little Sleepies! Zip your little one up in the softest bamboo pajamas, then tuck them in a coordinating Sleepy Bag. Snag a Zippy in one of your favorite matching solids, or in a print featuring colors that match. To The Moon & Back with our Heather Blue Sleepy Bag, Luna Neutral with our Heather Oatmeal Sleepy Bag, and Heather Gray with our Solid Black Sleepy Bag are a few of our favorite combinations!

And caring for your Sleepy Bags is easy, too! Just machine was on cold and hang to dry.

We're so excited to reintroduce Sleepy Bags in five new solid shades and two convenient weights with updated details, for families everywhere to enjoy. Find the perfect sleep sack for your baby today, and let us know how you enjoy it once it's part of your bedtime routines!

How do you help your baby get better sleep? What's your best practice for helping your baby fall asleep faster? Tell us your nighttime ritual below in the comments, or join our community to share your experience with other moms!


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  • Laura


    No one likes to talk about hospital stays, but the (old) Little Sleepies bag was THE BEST when we had to do an overnight in the hospital. because it snaps at both shoulders, we were able to get it on and off despite our little guy being hooked to an IV, and he could have wires poking out of the double zip as well. Total life saver in not having to wear a hospital gown and have a tiny bit of normalcy!

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