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Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Cozy Adventures Await: Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Your Kiddos

Snuggle Up in Soluxe™ Bamboo Fabrics

Let's explore our collection of kids hoodies and girls sweatshirts at Little Sleepies, where every piece is like a warm hug! This special selection, crafted from buttery soft and durable Soluxe™ fabrics, ensures your child enjoys the best of both worlds: long-lasting coziness and playful designs they'll adore.

For Every Action-Packed Day: Boys and Girls Hoodies

With a unique variety ranging from boys hoodies and boys sweatshirts to girls hoodies that promise endless comfort, Little Sleepies is determined to make the dressing for the day as fun as playtime. Our kid-friendly line of kids sweatshirts isn't just about getting through the cold, it's about making a trendy yet practical choice for young adventurers.

Special Picks for the Tiniest Explorers: Toddler Hoodies

Cue the cuteness with this collection of toddler hoodies. Learn the secret behind why our toddler boy hoodie and toddler girl hoodie pieces fly off the shelves: with Soluxe™ Bamboo fabrics, they’re a family favorite for cozy cuddles and fun in the park!

Cool Colors & Awesome Details: Unmistakably Cozy Kid Gear

These girls hoodies and boys sweatshirts boast more than just hand-me-down value. Special little details like thumb holes turn basic pieces into forever-cherished wardrobe staples! Best of all, kids hoodies and kids sweatshirts from Little Sleepies come in so many colors and patterns they'll love.

Why Little Sleepies Sweatshirts?

From toddler hoodies and girl sweatshirts to boys hoodies, Little Sleepies offers a cozy pick for every little one. Toddler boy hoodie and toddler girl hoodie selections are as cozy as can be, all spun from Little Sleepies’ Soluxe™ fabric with cute and memorable details.