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6 Reasons to Pack Little Sleepies in Your Hospital Bag

swaddled baby swaddled baby

swaddled baby

Congrats, mama! You’re in your third trimester, and having a baby is starting to get real. One of those big checklist items is packing your hospital bag with all the essentials you and your newborn baby will need in those first couple of days away from home. 

From swaddles to coming home outfits and cozy PJs, our buttery soft bamboo viscose will keep you and your little one cozy and comfortable during those precious first days at the hospital. Here’s why you should pack Little Sleepies in your birth bag: 

Gentle on newborn skin

There’s nothing softer than newborn skin or more sensitive. Sensitive skin is normal in newborns, but you can also avoid additional irritation by dressing your baby in natural fabrics like bamboo viscose. Our bamboo viscose is soft to the touch and won’t irritate their fragile skin. It’ll also keep them cozy if the hospital room is chilly and cool if it’s hot!

Easier diaper changes

Newborns require quite a few diaper changes (to say the least!), so having outfits that make it easy to change their diapers is essential! Our Zip Rompers (a.k.a. Zippies) feature a double zipper that allows you to change your newborn’s diaper without completely undressing them. Similarly, our Knotted Baby Gowns feature a tie bottom that makes it easy to access that dirty diaper. 

Prevent them from scratching

Your baby won’t learn to control their hands and arms until they’re a few months old, which can lead to them unintentionally scratching their face. To prevent scratching, our gowns and zippies both come with foldover handcuffs that turn into mittens, so you can rest assured that your little one will remain scratch-free!

Capture those matching moments

We know how important it is to capture those first moments with your newborn. And those moments are even sweeter when you’re matching each other. Our Mommy & Me collections are perfect for photoshoots, visiting with family and friends at the hospital, or just simply bonding with your family’s new addition. 

Create a special sibling connection

Becoming a big brother or sister can be a challenge for little ones. It’s a big change! One way to help ease the adjustment is to create a special bonding moment between them and their new sibling. Let them pick out a matching set of jammies and watch the cuteness unfold when they meet each other for the first time.

Comfy & convenient for you

It’s not just about cuteness. It’s about comfort and convenience. Made from our signature bamboo viscose, our women’s PJs are stretchy and soft, perfect for postpartum recovery. Our PJ tops and gowns also feature a henley style snap-front placket for easy nursing access, so you never have to sacrifice comfort for convenience!

Your Little Sleepies packing list:

We recommend packing a few different options for your newborn because you never know what size they’ll be until they arrive earthside! Here are our suggestions:

  • 2-3 Zippies — pack a selection of sizes, including preemie and newborn, so you have something that fits to bring them home in
  • 1-2 Gowns 
  • 2 Swaddle Sets 
  • 2 Hats to keep them warm
  • A matching PJ set, gown, or robe for you for matching photos at the hospital
  • An eye mask to help you get some well-deserved sleep

There’s nothing we love more than seeing your newborns wrapped up in Little Sleepies. Being part of those special moments and memories means the world to us! 


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