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Five Green Parenting Tips for Eco-Friendly Living With a Newborn

Five Green Parenting Tips for Eco-Friendly Living With a Newborn Five Green Parenting Tips for Eco-Friendly Living With a Newborn

It’s time to think green, LS fam!

In honor of Earth Day 2024 (this year, it falls on April 22nd!) we're excited to offer new parents these five essential green parenting ideas. Aimed at nurturing both your newborn's surroundings and our planet's wellbeing, our suggestions range from upcycling baby clothes to making homemade baby food. 

Follow these tips to foster an eco-friendly living space, all while showing some love to Mama Earth!

Say yes to quality & hand-me-downs

While it can be tempting to want a totally new & on-trend wardrobe for your new arrival, it’s best for our planet to always say “yes” to those hand-me-downs! Whether they’re from your older kiddo, a family member or friend, using pre-loved clothing for your newborn is a wonderful way to reduce waste. Plus, let’s face it — babies grow so, so fast! A lot of the hand-me-downs we get are barely or gently used, which is all the more reason to get excited about them.

When shopping yourself, it’s always best to opt for high-quality fabrics that last longer. Like — you guessed it! — Little Sleepies! Our Soluxe™ Bamboo daywear is engineered for playtime, custom-milled to last season after season without giving way to pesky knee holes. And our Lunaluxe™ Bamboo PJs have a magical stretch, designed to fit up to 3x longer before you hand them down to the next little one. 

Don’t forget! As your baby grows, donate their clothes to fellow parents, donation sites, or your local charities. It feels good to give clothing new life, knowing that some other little tot out there is enjoying the pieces you invested in. 

Here's a fun idea to turn sharing clothing into a fun way to bond with your community: organize a "clothing swap" with other caregivers! A swap turns the act of updating your child's closet into a social event, allowing local parents to connect, share stories & support each other! It's also a great way to promote eco-conscious living and demonstrate to our children the value of sharing and caring for our planet, right from their earliest days.

Try making your own baby food

Say goodbye to excess packaging and hello to healthy and sustainable DIY baby food. Making your own baby food is one of our favorite parent hacks for a few reasons: It’s incredibly cost-effective, allows you to have full control over ingredients, and is an undeniably eco-friendly choice. 

Love the idea but aren’t sure where to start? Check out this awesome article that shares 10 Easy Homemade Baby Food Ideas. From blueberry pureé to savory whipped peanut butter, there are so many delicious options out there. Just be sure to read up on which flavors, textures and ingredients are appropriate for your baby at their specific stage of development. It’s mind-boggling how quickly our little ones evolve! 

Making your own baby food is easier than you may think and a great option for both your baby and the environment. You can even make them ahead and freeze them to have them all ready to go on those sleepy mornings after sleepless nights. Another earth-conscious tip? Invest in reusable glass jars for your baby food storage!

Opt for green cleaning products

Go green while you clean with eco-friendly cleaning products! Embracing green cleaning products is a small yet powerful step moms of newborns can take towards creating a safer and more sustainable home. 

Swap out conventional cleaners for eco-friendly alternatives that are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances, which can be harmful to both your baby and the environment. For instance, choose plant-based detergents and biodegradable wipes for tackling laundry and messes, ensuring the products you use are gentle on your baby's delicate skin and the planet.

Additionally, you can also consider making your own cleaning solutions with simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. This is a natural, cost-effective approach to cleanliness. Here’s an article from Healthline with some tips we like to follow ourselves! 

By opting for green cleaning products, you're not only safeguarding your little one's immediate surroundings but also contributing to a healthier planet for their future.

Teach your kiddos to compost!

Those kitchen scraps you throw away every day can be used for something seriously eco-friendly. Don’t throw away peels and food scraps while cooking. Instead, turn them into nutrient-rich compost for your very own veggie garden! 

A simple composting bin in your backyard or even a compact indoor composting system can turn food scraps into nutrient-rich gold in your backyard. This sustainable practice not only reduces waste but also sets the stage for teaching your child about the beauty of growing their own food. 

Nurture your green thumb and instill eco-conscious habits early on for a brighter, sustainable future. For some fun tips on starting a garden with your kids, check out this LS blog post!

Practice your sewing skills by upcycling your LS!

Extend the life cycle of your favorite Little Sleepies prints through creative upcycling projects! Our bamboo fabrics are built to last, and can easily be used as clothes for your child’s favorite doll, a super-personal forever blankie, and more. 

Dive into this Earth Day blog post from last year for inspiration on transforming our adorable jams into cute keepsakes or practical items for everyday use! 

Remember, these practices not only benefit the environment but also teach our kids the importance of stewardship & caring for the world around them from the very start. 

Let's take these insights and transform them into daily actions, creating a ripple effect of love for our planet. Happy, happy Earth Day!

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