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Autism Acceptance Month: A Q&A With David Isaacman

Autism Acceptance Month: A Q&A With David Isaacman Autism Acceptance Month: A Q&A With David Isaacman

Hi David! We’re so excited to talk to you today. Tell us about yourself and your family. 

Thanks for talking to me Little Sleepies. I’m excited to talk to you too. I’m from Los Angeles and I live with my triplet sisters. I love my mom and dad. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Abbey that I met on the show Love on the Spectrum US. We first met at the Wildlife Learning Center. I work at Beverly Hills City Hall in the HR department. I love my coworkers. My favorite animal is the African male lion.

What’s it like having sisters and being a triplet? 

Both of my sisters’ names start with the letter “a” Aubrey and Alison. My sisters and I always go to fun places together. Sometimes, they chauffeur Abbey and I on our dates. I love them! We were all born only one minute apart. I’m different from my sisters because I’m a boy and they’re both girls. We all share the same birthday together. Being a triplet makes us very close. We’re always there for each other.

How old were you when you were diagnosed? What was that experience like as a child? 

I was two years old when I was diagnosed with Autism. I was too young to know about what my diagnosis meant. Growing up, I noticed that I would line up my animal figurines differently than anyone else by organizing them in a straight line. My sisters and most of my classmates never did that. I went to public school my whole life and all of my classmates were very nice to me. They would make me feel no different than anyone else. I was never shy and loved to perform, especially The Lion King. 

What are some ways to support others that are on the spectrum? 

I can teach others on the spectrum what they need to know. My golden rule is to always treat others the way you want to be treated. My advice to everyone on and off the spectrum is to remind them about the two words that start with the letter “c”:  Confidence and Courage. Even if sometimes things get difficult, over time you can learn different ways to think happy thoughts. I also think it’s important to make friends and create a community with others on the spectrum. For instance, I’m part of a program called The Miracle Project. The Miracle Project is a theater, film, and expressive arts program for neurodiverse individuals with and without disabilities. We can help each other better because we understand each other. 

What was it like being cast on Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum? What was your favorite part of the show? 

I had many interviews before I was cast for Love on the Spectrum. They got to know me and I told them I really wanted a girlfriend. It felt great to be chosen to find the girl of my dreams, which is Abbey. I love her! My favorite part of the show was bringing Abbey to an important place to me, which is Lions, Tigers, and Bears in Alpine. That’s where my dad and I used to go to feed Bakari the lion, so it meant a lot to me that I could introduce Abbey to Bakari. 

What did you hope viewers would take away from the show? 

I wanted viewers to see that people with Autism want to find love. Just because you have Autism, doesn’t mean you can’t find a girlfriend or boyfriend. I’ve always wanted to find someone to practice sharing is caring with. I couldn’t be happier to have found Abbey. I have two things that I want viewers to remember about dating: Remember, always give a girl something to remember you by whenever you go on a date and also remember that sharing is caring! 

How has your life changed since the show aired? Other than meeting your amazing girlfriend, Abbey? 

Since the show aired, I found out that I have a lot of fans that loved seeing me and Abbey. I love it when people come up to me and say hi to me. I’ve gotten to do a lot of amazing things that I didn’t get to do before the show. For instance, I got to go to an Emmy’s party to celebrate the three Emmys that Love on the Spectrum won. Aside from Abbey, I also made new friends from being on the show like Subodh, Dani, Rachel, and Devin, and online I’m friends with James and Kaelynn. I want to meet them in person someday. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2023? 

I’m always a man with a plan! I did see the Lion King for my 28th birthday with my 2 best friends, my girlfriend Abbey, my sister Aubrey who brought 2 friends, and my sister Alison who brought 1 friend. We brought a total of 6 friends ah ah ah ahhhh. That’s a reference to the Count. For the rest of my 2023 plans, I’m going to watch the live action remake of the Little Mermaid, which is Abbey’s favorite movie. Abbey and I decided to do our second anniversary at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park Roar and Snore. At the end of August, I’m going to go to the Power Ranger convention because I’m such a huge fan. 

Storytelling is a great resource for learning more about the Autism spectrum and how to spread awareness and combat stereotypes. There are so many amazing shows, movies, books, and more that showcase the unique perspectives and experiences of those on the spectrum. What are some of your favorite pieces of media that feature stories about people with Autism? Let us know in the comments! 


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