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Perfect for Family Snuggles: Meet Our Oversized Cloud Blanket®

Perfect for Family Snuggles: Meet Our Oversized Cloud Blanket® Perfect for Family Snuggles: Meet Our Oversized Cloud Blanket®

One of our most-requested items of all time is here! Introducing our new adult-sized Oversized Cloud Blanket®, made of the coziest fabric: our custom-milled Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose, of course. These blankets were designed to be big enough to share, so they’re perfect for cuddling up on the couch with the kiddos or using in your own bedroom.


Here's why you'll love them:

Woman cuddling with Heather Oatmeal Striped Oversized Cloud Blanket against her face.

Triple-layered softness

Our Oversized Cloud Blanket® is made of triple-layered Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose. It's the same material used in our PJs and on our Large Cloud Blanket® — so, you already know they'll be buttery soft and gentle on even the most sensitive or eczema-prone skin. 

Five prints available in the Oversized Cloud Blanket - Heather Oatmeal Striped, Luna Neutral, Caramel Checks, Classic Chevron, and Heather Gray Striped.

Five versatile & reversible styles

They’re currently available in five sweet prints, to match any interior decorating style. There’s something for every home: from bold and modern prints like Caramel Checks and Classic Blue Chevron, to more subtle options like Heather Gray Stripes. Each blanket features a solid shade on the opposite side, so you can flip them over for an alternative look!

Two images - first an image of a mother and daughter cuddling with Luna Neutral Oversized Cloud Blanket. Second image of an Oversized Cloud Blanket being held up next to a Cloud Blanket.

Match your littles

We also made a Throw Blanket out of our bestselling Signature print, Luna Neutral — featuring the cycles of the moon in shades of gray, blue, and brown! Luna Neutral comes as a smaller-sized Cloud Blanket®, too, for picture-perfect matching moments with your little ones.

Two adults sitting and sharing the Classic Chevron Oversized Cloud Blanket draped around their shoulders.

Big enough to share

Our Oversized Cloud Blanket® is generously sized at 65” x 85”. They're ideal for curling up with the kiddos or using as a bold accessory in your own bedroom! 

Mother cuddling her daughter with Heather Gray Striped Oversized Cloud Blanket draped around her and her daughter is cuddling with the Luna Neutral Cloud Blanket

Gifting made easy

These bamboo blankets make a great gift... whether for a housewarming, birthday, or just because. Now, you can share the gift of snuggly-soft Lunaluxe™ bamboo fabric, without needing to know your friends or family’s sizes. Plus, who wouldn’t love a buttery-soft Oversized Cloud Blanket®?

Little Sleepies Sleepy Eyes Logo

Whether for yourself or someone special, the softness and styles in the Oversized Cloud Blanket® collection make them a wonderful addition to any home. We can’t wait to see you and your families enjoying them! Be sure to share your snuggly moments with us on Instagram.

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  • Kathy Vermeland


    When are the adult blankets returning ?

  • Lauren


    Is there an update on when these will be back in stock?

  • MaryLou Tyner


    Tried to order the adult size blanket for DIL for her birthday but only had the large size for kids. Please let me know when these come into stock. Thanks!

  • Shay


    I need these to please restock!!!!

  • Kim Altman


    Do you carry oversized seasonal blankets for both children and adults or are they all seasonless? I am wondering about the warmth of the seasonless.

  • Debbie


    When will adult blankets be in stock again? Hopefully soon they’re ideal

  • Lindsay


    Where are they?!!?? 😭😭😭😭

  • Lindsay


    Where are they?!!?? 😭😭😭😭

  • Susan


    When will these be back in stock? We’ve been trying to get some but they are never available

  • Emily


    When will these restock?

  • Kris Roberts


    I need an Adult Cloud Blanket for Medical Reasons 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Haley James


    When will oversized cloud blankets return?

  • Cynthia


    when will these be back in stock?

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