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Behind the Collab: Once Upon A Farm | Little Sleepies

Behind the Collab: Once Upon A Farm | Little Sleepies Behind the Collab: Once Upon A Farm | Little Sleepies

Once Upon a Farm has long been a go-to brand for the Little Sleepies team (parents and non-parents alike)! A yummy, conveniently packaged, healthy snack from a brand that gives back? It’s no wonder we jumped when the opportunity to co-create arose. Sharing the mission to create amazing products for parents, a collaboration was bound to bloom into something special.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Once Upon a Farm on this collaboration. As fellow women-founded businesses, we share the vision of creating products that make life easier and more enjoyable for families. We’re both passionate about setting kids up for success, and this fruit and veggie-packed print is a perfect reflection of that. We can’t wait to see you in it!”
~ Maradith Frenkel, Founder & CEO, Little Sleepies

“At Once Upon a Farm, we know nutrition and sleep go together like fruits and veggies. Research suggests that the importance of sleep is right up there with nutrition and exercise to optimize your child’s health—and any parent knows that sleep, exercise, and nutrition go hand in hand. We believe healthy habits and cozy night times can be fun and exciting which is why we partnered with Little Sleepies and their signature jammies (the softest ever)—decorated with Once Upon a Farm’s celebrated farm fresh goodness. Little Sleepies shares our goal of giving kids the best and sharing the goodness with others in the process. We are so excited to launch this collection with them!”
~ Jennifer Garner, Once Upon a Farm Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer.

An exciting partnership sprouts

If you’re not yet familiar, Once Upon a Farm is a food-lifestyle brand offering cold-pressed, plant-rich pouches—co-founded by Jennifer Garner! Their team first reached out to us through LinkedIn. We were huge fans of the brand—and, of course, Jen—so we decided to hop on call to see what we could create together.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a part of our Little Sleepies x Once Upon a Farm journey from the very beginning! From our initial chat with Jen G. and her team, to over a year later where we’re finally seeing the print come to life! It’s been a wonderful experience working alongside the Once Upon a Farm team. Our brands so naturally align and that has made it all the more fun to be collaborating on this collection.”
~ Megan W., Sr. Manager, Social & Content, Little Sleepies


After some brainstorming, we decided to create a fresh PJ print that would inspire little dreamers everywhere to eat healthy. A strong charity component was also a must, since both our brands believe so strongly in giving back. So, it was settled: a veggie-packed print in all our fan-fave styles would be created, and a portion of proceeds would go to OFARM's Save the Children: A Million Meals initiative.


“My kids love their Little Sleepies jammies. To create something magical with these two premium brands that families love has been so much fun! This has been a year in the making. To see both teams come together and inspire healthy eating and sleeping through a beautiful collection — all while giving back to Save the Children and A Million Meals – what a beautiful collaboration.”
~ Jane Ablaza, Head of Brand Partnerships and Sr. Marketing Communications Manager


A rainbow of flavors and colors

Once we had the vision, the Little Sleepies team started the only way that made sense — by mind-sharing over pouches of OFARM. (The design team’s favorite? Mama Blueberry, while the marketing team is obsessed with the Ras-Pear-y Kale Smart Blend!)

The term “nutritional rainbow” came up, and we ran with it! Senior Graphic Artist, Hayley W., created digital drawings in our signature style, based on fruits and veggies found in OFARM pouches. Soon, the print came to life as a playful melange of avocados, broccoli and berries.

We had considered a few different directions for the background, but settled on OFARM’s signature vibrant, leafy green. It was the perfect backdrop for the “nutritional rainbow” of vine-fresh veggies and fresh-picked fruits. The final touch? Adding OFARM’s signature little bee and ladybug to the mix.


“It was so fun to work with Once Upon A Farm’s playful illustrations and colorful branding. We designed this pattern using our favorite fruits and veggies to create a nutritional rainbow along with their signature little bee and lady bug. As a Jennifer Garner fan, it was inspiring to learn more about the business she has grown from her family farm and her team’s passion for childhood nutrition using clean, healthy ingredients. We can’t wait to see her wear these PJs!”
~ Hayley W., Sr. Graphic Artist, Little Sleepies

One veggie (and fruit) to rule them all

The collab wasn’t over when this sweet green print came to life. Then, we had to make sure it looked perfect in all our signature styles: from Zippies to Two-Piece PJs, Luxe Bows to our Cloud Blanket® Collection!

When it came to Sleepyhead Loveys, we were faced with the hardest decision since we landed on farm-fresh green: Which veggie would look the best as a plush top to our mini-blankets? We couldn’t pick just one! So, we landed on one veggie and one fruit—a sleepy broccoli and strawberry, to be specific.

Inspired by OFARM's ingredients, our brand creative team then took elements of the print and laid them on bright colors and organic shapes.

“The goal for our visual design was to take healthy foods and make them fun. We immersed kiddos in a colorful medley of fresh fruits, veggies, and berries: from the rich blues and purples in blueberries and beets, to vibrant greens and yellows in avocados and bananas! By creating a colorful world that kids enjoy seeing, we hope to get them excited about eating healthy.”
~ Salpy T. Sr. Art Director, Little Sleepies


Eat right, sleep tight.

“Partnering with the Little Sleepies team was everything we hoped for and more. This playful collaboration puts two like-minded brands together that put little ones and their parents at the core of industry leading product creation and problem solving (Nutrition & Sleep). The end result are luxuriously soft pjs paired with Once Upon a Farm’s modern, vibrant illustrations of fruits and vegetables, which we know will spark conversation, a love of healthy eating, and a good night’s sleep. Every parent’s dream. “
- Katie Marston, CMO Once Upon a Farm


We absolutely loved bringing this collaboration to life. After all, good nutrition is essential for better sleep — and we’re all about inspiring conversations that lead to lifelong good habits. We hope this collab sparks chats with your kiddos about health and wellness. If you’re looking for some nutritional wisdom to share, check out this recent article on healthy foods for better sleep!

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  • Judith Jenkins


    This is cutest print ever! Wish it included bubble romper or twirl dress with body suit. Also please order more loveys. I loved them and they were sold out before I could order.

  • Jeanne Bloch


    Love the vibrant colors of the Once Upon a Farm collection! Just wish there was a little dress with body suit or romper! Keep bringing these colors in your new lines!

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