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Behind the Collab: Sesame Street | Little Sleepies

Behind the Collab: Sesame Street | Little Sleepies Behind the Collab: Sesame Street | Little Sleepies

Our Spelling With Sesame Street drop is more than just a cozy collection. It's a journey back to the days when we ourselves learned our ABCs & 123s with Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street gang! 

Bringing this collection to life was a long journey filled with nostalgia, creative collaboration and discussions around how we could best infuse meaningful values into this release. After all, Little Sleepies and Sesame Street share a commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering a love for learning and spreading kindness!

As we venture behind the scenes of the Spelling With Sesame Street Collection, you'll discover the inspiration that led us on this colorful adventure. Plus, the details of our PJ print, the array of Play styles we've dreamed up and so much more!

So, buckle up, LS fam, and let’s head down memory lane! We promise, it’ll be a read filled with cozy jams, inspired art and a sprinkle of that Sesame Street magic. 

Dreaming Up & Drawing the Perfect PJ Print

The inspiration behind our PJ print is as heartwarming as the show itself. To bring it to life, Hayley, a talented artist on Team LS, embarked on a creative journey fueled by the educational essence of the show. She marveled at how Sesame Street has always been a reliable and fun source of learning for young minds. Then, set out to craft a print that encapsulated that mission of making education enjoyable!

Working on this Sesame Street collection has been a dream come true! I loved watching Sesame Street as a kid and have such core memories of learning and laughing with Elmo, Cookie Monster and all my favorite characters. 

For our sleepwear pattern, I was inspired by how much teaching the alphabet is an integral part of the show and wanted to create an educational print with every letter alongside Sesame Street characters reading. I am so happy for this new partnership,  and I can’t wait for this new collection to be out in the world after a life-long love of these characters.”

~ Hayley, Sr. Graphic Artist

In this imaginative print, every letter of the alphabet takes center stage, accompanied by the beloved faces of Sesame Street. You'll find Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and Grover each engrossed in the magic of reading. The design invites your little ones to explore the world of letters and words, making bedtime not just time to get cozy but also time to learn new things!

With matching sleep styles for the whole family (including an adorable pet bandana) you can embrace the spirit of togetherness and learning that Sesame Street has always championed.

Plenty of Play: From Sporty Sweatshirts to Graphic Tees

In addition to our adorable PJ print made for family matching, we're thrilled to release some new Sesame Street Play styles that are perfect for daytime adventures. For the parents looking to snuggle up in matching tees and practice counting with their mini me's, we've designed all the Adult Raglan Tees you’ll need! 

But the real stars of the show are our kids Sweatshirt & Jogger Sets featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster or Abby, with sporty stripes on the sleeves. (The only question is… which character will get the biggest smile?!) Crafted from our durable Soluxe™ Bamboo Terry, these sets are a way for your little ones to bring their favorite Sesame Street characters with them throughout the day — characters that remind them of learning, growing and being kind! Whether it's at preschool or during playtime, with their beloved Sesame Street friends by their side, they’ll have the confidence to take on anything.

Meeting Their Childhood Faves: An Evening to Remember 

In light of our partnership, two of our Team LS members in New York City had the opportunity to attend The Sesame Street Benefit: an extraordinary event that radiated with excitement, enjoyment, and inspiration! For Hanna and Hayley, it was a dream come true, a chance to celebrate the beloved characters that have shaped the childhoods of countless generations. 

“It was an incredible experience not only to design the print using characters I love, but to see them in person, too! At the Sesame Street Annual benefit, our team was able see all my Sesame Street favorites included on our print in person. I got goosebumps when Big Bird walked on stage and my inner child couldn’t contain the excitement when Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Grover started making the crowd laugh with such joy. Hearing the full Sesame crew belt “How to get to Sesame Street” and “Sing” took me right back to being a little girl watching my favorite show. 

While I have loved the same Muppets since I was young, it was so incredible to meet Abby Cadabby since she is such an iconic part of the show in more recent years and a key part of our Play collection. It was also very rewarding to meet the representatives from the Sesame Street team and hear how they are huge fans of Little Sleepies and how excited they were for our new collaboration.”

~ Hayley, Sr. Graphic Artist 

As the curtains rose, and the Sesame Street favorites came to life on stage, the room buzzed with joy. The sight of Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and Grover unleashed the inner child in everybody filling the atmosphere with laughter and delight! As Team LS connected with the Sesame Street team representatives, we discovered a shared passion for the magic of childhood, the joy of learning and cozy LS jams, of course!

“It’s safe to say that all of our prints are amazing, but when I saw the Spelling with Sesame Street collection, I was in awe. It brought me back in time to some of my favorite childhood memories of “cartoon Saturdays” watching Sesame with my family. Hayley did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life through her illustrations and reigniting the best kind of nostalgia. 

It was an honor to attend the Sesame Street Annual Benefit on behalf of Little Sleepies, and it was even more special to go in the company of the artist behind the collection. Sesame Street is an icon in the television and education space, so it was an incredible experience to hear their team talk about their favorite Little Sleepies prints. Feeling the recognition from such a legendary group of people was a memory I will truly never forget. I feel so proud to be a part of the team that made this collaboration happen and I will be proudly wearing my Sesame pajamas for Saturday morning cartoons once again!”

~Hanna, Influencer Marketing Coordinator 

Supporting Sesame Street Workshop: A Collab That Gives Back

As you may have gleaned from our ongoing partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, giving back is so important to us here at Little Sleepies. And to make this collab even more special, we’ll be celebrating by making a donation to Sesame Workshop, the global impact nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, dedicated to helping children everywhere grow smarter, stronger and kinder!

We believe that supporting the work of Sesame Workshop aligns perfectly with our shared values of nurturing the well-being and development of children everywhere. 

Through this contribution, we aim to play a small part in creating a brighter and more educational future for kids around the world, ensuring that the Sesame Street magic continues to touch hearts and minds for generations to come.

In wrapping up our exploration of the Spelling With Sesame Street Collection, we hope you've felt the same magic and nostalgia that inspired us throughout this collaborative journey. For us, it's not just about creating cute clothes (though that’s part of it!) — it's about creating moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. As we continue to nurture sweet dreams and warm connections, we're so excited by the opportunity to share our beloved Sesame Street characters with a new generation of dreamers. 

We can't wait to see your little ones exploring, playing and snoozing while wrapped up in Sesame Street's timeless charm. Don’t forget to tag us in those Instagram snaps!

Until next time, friends!


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