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Don't Miss a Beat with these Valentine's Day Activities

Don't Miss a Beat with these Valentine's Day Activities Don't Miss a Beat with these Valentine's Day Activities


little girl wearing pink valentine's day pajamas cuddling with a puppy lovey We love spreading love at Little Sleepies! This year, we were bitten by the love bug with our Valentine's Day collection featuring some of our favorite furry friends. But you know what makes our hearts beat? Active holiday games and activities!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with fun activities and scavenger hunts to look for love in all the right places. Get up, be active, and let us know how the hunt with your little Valentine goes.

Things that are Red

Red stands for love, joy, courage, and leadership, and it happens to be the primary color associated with Valentine's Day. Take inventory around the house and identify items with red. Have a fun scavenger hunt in search of red! 

Find Love All Around

Spend time finding items around the house or outside that your child loves. Ask them what makes the item so special. Storytelling is an incredible way to build a child's imagination!  

Spell it Out

We will take any chance to help build spelling skills during a holiday. Ask your child for their favorite Valentine's Day word and spell it out together! Then find items around the house that start with the letters in the word. For instance:

  • L: laundry
  • O: oven
  • V: vacuum
  • E: elephant (the plushy kind) 

Turn the Tables

Let them do the hiding! Cut out hearts from construction paper and help your kids write fun Valentine's day messages. Then ask them to hide the notes around the house for you to find! You might need hints to find those hard to find hearts!

Heart Hunt

Finding heart shapes is easy when you're in nature. Take a walk with your kids outside and look for items shaped like hearts. Look up in the clouds for a heart shape and down at the ground for rocks shaped like hearts. We can heartly wait to see what you find.

Send a Virtual Valentine

Don't forget to join us in sending a heartfelt card this Valentine's Day to childhood cancer families via Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you stay in with your Little Sleepies jammies and play games? Do you bake together and add an extra dash of love? Let us know in the comments below if you try any of these activities with your family!


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