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6 Kid-Friendly Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

cooking with babies and toddlers cooking with babies and toddlers

babies cooking in the kitchen

Cooking together is a fun, easy way to teach your littles about healthy food and even science! Bringing your mini sous chef to the kitchen can be fun and educational, and with the right recipes, you can even limit the mess. To help you get creative, we compiled this list of kid-friendly recipes from real parents, including a few inspired by our prints!  

Grab your aprons and chef hats, and give these family-friendly recipes a try.

*Note: These recipes have been shared by moms searching for easy snacks and meals for their busy kids. Never leave a child unsupervised, and always be extra careful in the kitchen by following safety and hygiene guidelines. Before making any new recipes with your little ones, review the ingredients for anything your child might be allergic to.

Unicorn Toast Recipe from Sarah R.

Does your little dream of unicorns? We love this magical breakfast recipe shared by  VIP member Sarah R. This colorful recipe places unicorns at the center of breakfast, and we immediately had to share it here. 

  • Stir powdered beets food dye into a spoonful of cream cheese
  • Spread on toast
  • Top with pastel-colored sprinkles

Snuggle up in your Sienna’s Unicorns jammies and let your imagination soar with this enchanted treat.

Easy No-Bake Cookie Balls from 5 Dinners 1 Hour

Get those hands out of the cookie jar and get them to help you with these Easy No-Bake Cookie Balls from 5 Dinners 1 Hour! Ask your little one to mix the basic ingredients in a big mixing bowl. Then the fun part! Have them shape the batter into the cookie balls. 

With this no-bake recipe, skip the oven and enjoy the treats faster. And while you’re taking an afternoon break, don’t forget to include cookies and milk

Snack Necklaces from Happy Toddler Playtime

This recipe is both a healthy snack and fun activity that keeps your littles busy! How’s that for a mom-win? This healthy snack recipe is simple yet still gives them endless opportunities to be creative! And all you need are a string, toothpick, and snacks. When it comes to snacks, the options are unlimited — dried apples, pretzels, Cheerios, fruit snacks. 

Following guidance from Happy Toddler Playtime, build your snack necklace by weaving the string through the snacks (we think a pretzel stick might be fun, too!). Using items with easy access for the string - like pretzels and Cheerios - is a good option for little fingers.

Parents love this treat as an activity to keep littles occupied during a rainy afternoon, at grandma’s house, or even at the local park during a picnic. 

Banana Sushi from Ciara from My Fussy Eater

BYOB (bring your own banana) with this adorable and popular recipe that will make kids giggle. Banana-themed birthday parties are a favorite for mom hostesses, and this Banana Sushi recipe from My Fussy Eater had us bananas for the idea. Ciara has recipes for Sprinkles Sushi, Chia Seed Sushi, Coconut Sushi, and Rice Krispies Sushi.

But we came up with our own take that will make our Bananas print jealous - Granola Sushi!

  • Peel banana
  • Roll banana through your favorite granola (extra points if you have dried fruit!)
  • Cut banana into slices like sushi
  • For an extra fun add-on, place your favorite yogurt in a bowl and dip your Granola Sushi into the yogurt

Breakfast Egg Muffins from Baby Foode

There is no better buddy than a breakfast buddy, and we give you permission to recruit the little people in your house to prepare breakfast with this balanced egg meal. Pick favorites from around the kitchen - broccoli, spinach, peppers, and cheese, please!

Organize the different ingredients in cupcake tins and let those little hands sprinkle into the egg mix. This breakfast superstar is a colorful - and easy - way to prepare for the week and guaranteed to have an egg-cellent day.

Mermaid Trail Mix from Live Sweet Blog

Build a treasure chest of fun treats with this splashy trail mix from Live Sweet Blog that our Mermaid Scales print could have inspired. This recipe is a fun, low-effort snack for most kids, and you can change the ingredients to match your little superhero or princess. 

Here are her favorite ingredients for the trail mix (check out Live Sweet Blog for her specific measurements):

  • An equal mix of pink and white cheddar Goldfish crackers
  • M&M’S in pink, aqua, lavender, and baby blue to create the mermaid mix
  • Several cups of Cheerios
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Honey roasted peanuts

We had fun with this recipe and created our own ocean mix inspired by our Shark Soiree print. 

  • Regular Goldfish crackers
  • M&M’S in orange, aqua, and baby blue
  • Several cups of Cheerios
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Honey roasted peanuts

We love a good kid-friendly recipe around here! Tell us how you involve your kids in the process of making easy snacks and meals. Post in the comments below, or join our community to share with other moms and leave them hungry for more! 

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