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Ways to Upcycle Your Little Sleepies

Ways to Upcycle Your Little Sleepies Ways to Upcycle Your Little Sleepies

We know how special Little Sleepies pajamas are to your family - from big kids to the smallest, you fall in love with the fit and prints. Once you’re done passing down your favorite pajamas to everyone in the household, where will your jammies go next?

We recently asked our Little Sleepies VIPs how they upcycle their pajamas, and the  ideas are fantastic! In honor of Earth Day (April 22), here are some of the best recommendations on how to preserve the memory of comfort.

Keepsake Characters 

Our customers love Little Sleepies and it’s heartwarming to see how you are creating keepsakes from the pajamas your kids love to live in. Parents in our community are creating memorable keepsakes with their baby’s jammies. This mom created these adorable keepsake bears from her well-loved Little Sleepies.

A collection of prints tells a lot of stories when you add them all to this adorable unicorn. Brooke R. sure impressed us with this patchwork design from some of our most popular designs!

If you love to sew, here are some tricks from our moms:

  • Line the fabrics with fusible interfacing to give it extra durability. - Kylee T.

  • Fusible fleece can stabilize the fabric because it’s so thin. - Brooke R.

  • Use a walking foot with a standard sewing machine. - Jessica A.

Doll Love

Keep their babies comfortable in the Zippy after they no longer fit in this Little Sleepies favorite. Some of our moms repurposed their preemie Zippies on their child’s favorite baby doll. 

Forever Blankie

If you love your Little Sleepies prints and want to keep them close, create a quilt with different square sizes using the fabric from Zippies, blankets, and Twirl Dresses! This is a project for any first time sewer or crafter, and will have a lasting impression. 

Design Something New

Little Sleepies VIP mom Jessica A. designed this cute handmade plushy using remnants from our jammies. Our signature prints are pretty memorable so we appreciate Jessica adding them to her own personal pattern.

Repurpose our Cribsheet Bags

While our crib sheets keep your baby cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter, their reusable pouch is made with the same luxurious fabric. Parents have produced new uses for these bags:

  • Create extra storage for hair bows and ribbons, small toys, and books!

  • When traveling with the kids, use the crib sheet bags to pack extra jammies or for laundry.

  • Fill the bag with a pillow insert and create a new pillow to keep nearby when your child unexpectedly falls asleep or grandma’s house. 


Accessorize in Style

Create useful accessories to keep nearby for your everyday needs. Check out these simple ideas for repurposing your Sleepies.

  • Our Cloud Blanket® has the ideal size to create a superhero cape or curtain for their Nugget fort!

  • Swaddles make a perfect nursing cover when they’ve outgrown the swaddling stage.

  • Pet bandanas make for an adorable sarong for your little one’s doll!

Holiday Ideas

Extend your memories through your family’s favorite holidays with these ideas that let you repurpose seasonal designs.

  • Create holiday memories with ornaments made from Little Sleepies prints. Wrap strips of fabric around paper balls, and stuff little shapes made out of our fabric

  • Cut strips of fabric from different designs and product, tie them to a string, and create a colorful banner to hang across your child’s headboard or over their bedroom door!

  • Sew Christmas stockings from your child’s favorite designs or retire your Family Matching Christmas designs into stocking to hang by the chimney with care. 

Creating memories with your kids is always top of mind when we design new prints and collections - knowing that your family is matching on Christmas morning or that your kids wear our jammies on the way to Disney is special. That’s why we love when moms and dads find ways to upcycle their favorite pajamas into keepsake items. We are still part of the family.

Do you repurpose your favorite Little Sleepies pajamas into something your family can enjoy for years? Join the conversation and post your pictures on the Little Sleepies VIPs Facebook group. We’d love to see them!


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