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Organization Tips for Nurseries & Kid's Rooms

mom with baby and toddler on a bed in matching pajamas mom with baby and toddler on a bed in matching pajamas

mom with baby and toddler on a bed in matching pajamas

New year, new nursery! Little spaces like nurseries and kid’s rooms can be some of the most challenging places in the home to keep tidy and organized. That’s why we turned to Lauren Bell, a mama and professional organizer who specializes in kid's spaces to help families create an organized and clutter-free home. 

We chatted with her about her philosophy and tips for nursery organization and keeping kids’ spaces in order. 

What's your philosophy when it comes to organizing? 

Like my organizing style, my philosophy is to keep it clean and simple. Less is more. With children, that’s not always so easy as they tend to have a lot of stuff! But I always say when in doubt, purge, donate or store away what you don’t currently need. 

What do you love about tidying kid’s spaces and nursery organization? 

I have so much fun organizing any kid’s space because it’s not only helpful to the parents, but the kids learn to navigate their rooms way better. When they can see what they have and know where to find it makes everyone happy! And it brings me so much joy to help families make their homes organized and functional.

What’s the best way to keep a nursery organization system in place?

It’s not just about cleaning up once. It’s about finding ways to keep your kid’s room or nursery organized in the long term. My four biggest tips are:

  • Use the proper organization products
  • File folding in drawers to see everything easily
  • Color coding
  • Seasonal organization - when it’s summer, keep summer out and store away the winter and vise versa.

Where’s the best place to store size-ups or hand-me-downs?

I like to store size-ups and hand-me-downs (including our Little Sleepies!) by size in storage bags that are clearly labeled - the more specific the better. That way, whenever you are ready for the next size or child,  everything is easy to find, and you can swap out your closet right away!

Any tips on storing pajamas in particular? 

It’s all about the fold! In the case of pajamas, the file fold is the way to go. For Zippy pajamas, fold the legs and arms together, then fold the bottom and top to create the file fold. For two-piece sets, I recommend folding the pants inside the shirt to keep them neatly together as one outfit. This method, combined with using dividers as a nursery drawer organizer, allows you to create more room and saves space! 

How can you get little ones involved in keeping their room uncluttered?

The best way for them to learn is to show them where things go and encourage them to pick out their outfits or pajamas at bedtime. When you create an environment that encourages their participation, it allows them to help make choices. When a child’s room is organized visually, it is easier to see where everything goes. I realized that with my kids, and eventually, they got the hang of it!

What are your hacks for storage in tiny spaces? 

  • Consider buying furniture that also doubles as storage, such as a bench with a lifting seat or ottoman with inner compartments - both great ways to get additional storage space.

  • Wall and door shelves are great for maximizing space. Behind-the-door storage systems are beneficial for this. I use these often when I organize nursery rooms in the city for baby back stock!

  • Thin hangers and risers for closets, you get more room! 

  • Kids toys should be kept all together in one area. Try to keep the clutter to a confined space; that way, it's easy to manage if you are continuously reorganizing.

Talk to us about toys — any good tips on keeping them organized?

The best way to keep toys organized is by having a system to rotate toys in and out of the play area every few weeks. If you have a spare closet or a cabinet, you can hide some toys. The rotation method keeps only a few toys out at one time and allows kids to enjoy and make use of their toys. When everything is all out at once,  it can be overwhelming for children. I also recommend labeling and categorizing toys. If you make the labels big enough, even young kids will be able to recognize where toys should go. 

How do you like to make organization part of the decor? 

When in doubt, I always love to color code in rainbow order. It’s fun to look at, especially in kids' spaces!

Ready to get organized? Pull out those size-ups and start file folding. And, if you’re looking for more resources, be sure to check out Lauren’s Instagram @lauandorder_  for more tips and advice on organizing nurseries and kid-friendly spaces!. And, if you try any of her tips, be sure to share them with us by tagging us at @littlesleepies on Instagram.


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