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Our Favorite Back to School Traditions

boys in matching pajamas with fall leaves boys in matching pajamas with fall leaves

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time! It's the start of a new adventure for your little ones — new friends, new teachers, new favorite subjects, and of course, new traditions to kick it all off. 

Whether school is in person, virtual, or at home, the start of the academic year is all about creating special memories. As the back to school season approaches, we turned to our community to learn about their favorite back to school traditions. Here's what they shared:

One Last Summer Vacation 

"As a kid, we always went to the river for about a week before school started back up. It was always one of my favorite times of the year. Kayaking, staying in a cabin, enjoying nature with my family, eating smores over the fire every night, and enjoying campfire meals. I hope I can carry on this tradition with my precious girl and future kiddos." ~ Danielle B.

"We would go camping before heading back to school! And then we would come back to complete our clothes and school supplies shopping!" ~ Haley W.

Back to School Shopping

"We always go school shopping for all new clothing and shoes! We weren't allowed to wear them until the first day of school, and we were so excited to wear them!" Samie G. 

"Going school clothes shopping in a bigger city since we live in a small town and picking out school supplies." ~ Lacey F.

Ready Confetti

"The night before school, the kids sleep with 'ready confetti' under their pillow to help with nerves and get them excited for the fun they will have that year." ~ Rachel H.

First Day of School Photos

"We love taking first day of school pictures in the same spot each year and looking back on the previous year's pictures of each first day of school." ~ Jordan W.

"I fill out a back to school board for my son to take pictures with and do it again at the end to compare how much he's grown!" ~ Rachel R.

Record Their Height

"We record height on the wall each year before the first day back to school!" ~ Lacey H.

Special Breakfast Treats

"Our mom would always fix us toaster strudels with an encouraging saying written with the icing. She also made my sister and I dress identical even though we were 3 years apart." ~ Leaman M.

"Every year from kindergarten to my Master's degree in college, we are our first day of school breakfast at Waffle House. I plan to do the same with my daughter." ~ Caitlynn H.

Walking to School

"My favorite part about school was walking our long driveway to the school bus with my grandma and picking flowers on the side of the road along the way." ~ Ally Q. 

"I grew up in a small town in Vietnam, so everyone knew everyone. I remember that I really enjoyed walking to school with all of my friends from my neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods." ~ Bella D.

Sharpening Your Pencils

"Our tradition is buying a new box of pencils, and we sharpen all of them, so they are ready to go!" ~Aubri K.

Silly Surprises 

"I plan to spray my kids with silly string when they get off the bus after their first day of school." ~ Lindsey K.

A Big Cup of Coffee!

"I'm a teacher, and my little one isn't school age yet. My tradition is a LARGE cup of coffee in the morning!" ~ Hanna Lea K.

Back to School Jammies 

"We have 6 children ages 1 to 15, and we homeschool. Because of that, I love that we can stay comfy at home even while doing school. I just discovered Little Sleepies and am so happy there is such a large range of sizing. I am definitely going to start a new tradition of everyone getting these crazy soft pajamas to start school with!" ~ Rebecca D.

Whatever your traditions are, we hope you have an excellent start to the school year! And, if Little Sleepies is part of your family traditions this year, be sure to share them with us by tagging us at @littlesleepies.


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