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The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

baby shower gift boxes baby shower gift boxes
baby gift boxes

The best baby shower gift ideas for new parents 

Celebrating a momma to be at her baby shower? What better way than introducing a new mom to the things that made your life easier as a new parent? And, to help you out, we put together a list of our favorite baby shower gifts, including thoughtful ideas and new mom must-haves that our community loves. 

Essentials for the Early Days

From the first moments at the hospital to their first night at home, these baby shower gifts will help the parents-to-be keep their new arrival cozy in the softest bamboo fabric. 

Swaddle Sets

One of the most versatile (and practical!) baby gifts for a newborn baby! Our super-soft bamboo swaddle blankets can not only wrap baby up, but they can also serve as car seat covers, nursing wraps, stroller shades, burp cloths, and more! Our swaddle blankets come in adorable prints with a matching infant beanie hat or headband making it perfect for those newborn hospital photoshoots.


Newborns go through a lot of diapers — all day and all night! Gift a newborn gown to make those diaper changes easier on mom and dad. In addition to featuring a tie bottom and stretchy neckline to make those diaper changes easy-peasy, it also has foldover mittens to keep their sweet baby from scratching themselves.

Bamboo Hats

The perfect finishing touch to keep their baby cozy! Our signature bamboo fabric is seasonless, so it’ll keep them comfortable during any temperature. And, they’re the cutest addition to any newborn’s outfit. 

To Build Their Wardrobe

New babies grow so fast! Give the practical gift of jammies that fit babies 3x longer. Our signature Zippy is the perfect gift for new parents, but not just because it grows with baby! Thoughtful touches like a double zipper, foldover feet and mittens, no itchy tags, and the softest bamboo ever have made our zip romper a favorite for thousands of new parents. 

Grow with Me Baby Gift Box

Babies grow fast! That’s why we created a Grow with Me Gift box featuring three signature prints and solids in ascending sizes to accommodate their little one as they grow. Packaged in an adorable box, this set of zip rompers is a sweet giftable that they’re sure to appreciate. 

Zippy Two-Pack Gift Box

Help the parents-to-be build their baby’s wardrobe with this adorable two-pack of our signature Zippy or Ruffle Zippy! Featuring our most popular solids, these wardrobe staples are a must-have for their baby’s first year. 

Sibling Matching 

Giving a gift to a family who already has children? Our Zippies, Gowns, and Swaddle Sets all match our PJ sets so their new arrival can match with their sibling. Matching PJs are perfect for those adorable family photos and make a cute sibling gift so their big brother or sister doesn’t feel left out.   

For the Parents (Gifts for Mom)

Baby showers are so often all about the baby, but we believe that mom and dad deserve some pampering too. Here are our favorite gifts to help the new parents adjust to life with a new little one.

Family Matching Jammies

Not just for those sweet hospital photoshoots! Treat mom and dad to luxuriously soft bamboo pajamas that’ll help them sleep when the baby sleeps. Plus, with prints that match with their newborn, they’re perfect for capturing the sweetest memories. 

Self-Care Package for Mom

Give the mom-to-be a package of self-care goodies at her baby shower so she can take care of herself when the new baby arrives. Include her favorite lotions and essential oils, a luxurious bamboo eye mask to help her sleep, and a bamboo robe that fits from pregnancy to post-partum to keep her comfortable! If she’s breastfeeding, consider adding nipple cream, lactation cookies, and milkmaid tea. Wrap it all up in our cute canvas tote for a gift bag she can reuse for grocery shopping or trips to the beach!

Meals & Gift Cards to Their Favorite Restaurants

For a thoughtful gift they’ll appreciate, send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can order takeout when their newborn baby arrives. If takeout isn’t their thing, give the new parents a meal-delivery kit so they can cook something fresh at home without the hassle of grocery shopping.

Baby showers are the perfect time to share what you learned as a new parent with those embarking on the journey of parenthood for the first time. For more ideas and resources, be sure to join our VIP Facebook Community!


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