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Welcome Back, Sleepyhead Loveys: Discover Your New Snuggle Buddies & Their Sweet Stories

Nine bamboo viscose Sleepyhead loveys plush security blankets from Little Sleepies. Nine bamboo viscose Sleepyhead loveys plush security blankets from Little Sleepies.

We’re thrilled to announce that Sleepyhead Loveys are back!

These cherished companions are adored by newborns and toddlers alike, combining a stuffy head with a super soft blanket made of Lunaluxe™ Bamboo. Each Lovey serves as both a security blanket and a snuggly best friend, providing comfort and warmth to your little ones.

Let’s dive in and meet each Lovey, learn about their stories, and discover the lessons they bring to life!


Charlie the Cow: Embracing Mindfulness

Charlie the Cow is a sensitive sweetheart who loves nature and enjoys the little things in life — like feeling the warm sunshine on their ears, grazing on soft grass, and patiently watching yummy vegetables grow and ripen! 

By practicing mindfulness, Charlie has become one of the most beloved animals on the farm. They remind us to appreciate the simple pleasures and stay present in the moment.

Charlie pairs perfectly with our Farm Animals print, so grab your baby a corresponding Zippy for the sweetest photo-ops!


Bowie the Bear: Celebrating Creativity

Bowie is an artistic bear known for his limitless imagination. Each night, as the stars begin to twinkle, Bowie dons his Rust Rainbows Cloud Blanket® cape, transforming into his superhero alter ego: Captain Creative! Whether he's composing whimsical songs, painting, or making up rhymes, Bowie shows everyone that with a bit of creativity, anything is possible. 

Little ones love his adorable furry head with our signature sleepy eyes, and matching with him in Rust Rainbow jams!


Clementine the Cat: Demonstrating Resilience

Our sweet Clementine the Cat lives in a lively neighborhood in the big city, where every day brings something new. Despite the constant hustle and bustle, she finds her own peaceful havens — like the sunny window ledge! She quickly adapts to changes and challenges, such as when her family adopted her brother, Parker the Puppy, or noises from a loud thunderstorm. 

Clementine teaches us how to always find a way to stay calm and content. We love seeing her and Parker the Puppy snuggling together, showing us that you don’t have to look the same to be family.


Parker the Puppy: Spreading Joy

Oh, the joy! Parker is always the first to greet the day with a wagging tail and a bright smile. Whether he’s chasing balls in the park or sharing his favorite snacks with his sister Clementine the Cat, Parker reminds everyone around him to find joy in every little moment. Parker’s cheerful attitude is infectious, turning even ordinary days into adventures filled with laughter and play! 

His white paws and stripe down his head are charming touches, while the brownish-red Lunaluxe™ Bamboo blanket is as cozy as can be. Snag one for your little dog lover — or future dog lover!

Parker the Puppy sleepyhead lovey

Pennie the Pig: Encouraging Curiosity

Another friendly farm animal, Pennie the Pig is a curious little piglet who lives on a bustling farm, always sniffing around to discover new things. With her keen nose, she’s first to sniff out hidden truffles and loves learning about every plant and animal on the farm. Pennie’s adventures teach her that every question leads to fascinating discoveries and that the world is full of wonders waiting to be explored. 

Pennie is perfect for the tiniest member of our LS fam because of her extra plush head that they’ll love to snuggle and hug! Grab your little love a Check Mates Zippy for the most photogenic crib moments!

Pennie the Pig sleepyhead lovey

Fredrik the Frog: Teaching Adaptability

Next up? Fredrik the Frog! Fredrik is a lively fellow who lives by a bustling pond teeming with life. He loves leaping from lily pad to lily pad and diving into cool waters. Fredrik's life at the pond shows him how important it is to adapt — whether it’s finding new ways to catch his food or learning how to share his space with other pond creatures. 

His ability to adjust to every season and situation makes him a role model and teaches kids that being open to change is key to thriving in any environment. Fredrik is also ideal for newborns because of his plush, huggable head — just like Pennie’s!


Sienna the Unicorn: Embracing Individuality

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll recognize sweet Sienna from our Signature Sienna’s Unicorns print! Well, Sienna the Unicorn lives in a magical forest where every creature is distinctly unique. With her shimmering, rainbow mane and twinkling horn, Sienna stands out even in such a wondrous place. 

She loves crafting her own magical spells and potions, each reflecting her creative spirit. Sienna encourages all her forest friends to be true to themselves and shows them that being different is not just okay — it’s something to be proud of. A Sienna’s Unicorn Zippy matches perfectly with this unique Sleepyhead Lovey, and makes for magical photo-ops!

Harley the Horse: Teaching Dependability

Harley the Horse is a strong and graceful friend who loves to run freely across open fields and rolling hills! Not to mention… he’s super stylish. 

Harley enjoys his independence and feeling the wind in his mane, but he's also always there when his friends need him. Harley is known for his unwavering dependability, whether he's helping his friends find their way through the forest or standing guard while they sleep under the stars. His adventurous spirit and loyal heart make him a cherished friend and a trusted leader. 

When it comes to fashion sense, Harley is second to none. His cute cowboy hat, bandana, and cowboy boots are a sight to behold! And your little one will look picture-perfect snuggling with him in their Ready to Rodeo pajamas.


Des the Dino: Sharing Wisdom

This one’s for our dino lovers! Des the Dinosaur is a wise and caring Brachiosaurus from a lush, ancient world. Des is known among the dinosaurs for her gentle guidance and thoughtful advice. Her long neck allows her to see far and wide, giving her a broad perspective on life, which she uses to teach and protect her friends. Her thoughtful nature and insightful stories make her a cherished friend, especially when she helps others navigate challenges with her advice! 

Des the dinosaur is the only Sleepyhead Lovey in our initial launch that features a full dinosaur stuffy, instead of a cute head! We love how this showcases her spiky back, and any little dinosaur fan will surely think the same. The monstera print Lunaluxe™ Blanket doesn’t directly match back to any print, but we love seeing this one paired with a Heather Oatmeal Zippy.

We are beyond excited to relaunch Sleepyhead Loveys and can’t wait to see your little ones snuggling with them. These adorable characters are not only perfect for cuddling, but also bring meaningful lessons to your kiddos’ lives. 

Stay tuned for more Sleepyhead Loveys to come and watch as your children learn and grow with their new best friends!


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