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Your Guide to Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery

Your Guide to Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery Your Guide to Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery
Starry bedroom: Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Sarah Elliott
Wooden rocker: Charlie Crane Paris USA


Designing a nursery is an exciting part of preparing for your little one's arrival. And whether you’re choosing to keep your newborn’s gender a surprise, or simply opting for an inclusive & versatile space, a gender-neutral nursery is a wonderful idea! 

By selecting colors, themes and furnishings that steer clear of conventional gender norms, you can create a beautiful space that’s perfect for your newest family member. This approach also ensures your nursery is a cozy haven from the start—while allowing room for it to evolve as your little one grows!

Read on to discover five design tips for creating a welcoming & stylish gender neutral nursery.

Embrace neutral tones.

Kickstart your design by selecting a palette of neutral shades. Consider combining soft grays, creamy whites and earthy tones to create a calming space that’s welcoming for any baby!

One thing we love about neutral shades is that they offer the perfect canvas for personalization. This allows the room's ambiance to evolve with your child's emerging personality. As you get to know your little one, you can introduce different accents and artwork, ensuring their room is a reflection of them without the need for a complete makeover. 

For example, while you might start with sunrise-inspired artwork and a pastel hanging mobile, you can easily swap that out for a piece featuring their favorite animal and a modern, colorful light fixture! An environment that transitions through your baby's developmental stages will help your child feel comfortable in their space.

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Don’t forget about texture!

Texture is great for adding depth & interest to a gender-neutral nursery. Beyond color, incorporating a variety of textures enriches the sensory experience for both you and your baby—making the space more inviting and comfortable!

Think: soft knitted blankets, fuzzy rugs and plush pillows that introduce warmth and coziness. Wooden elements, from furniture like rocking chairs or horses, to decorative sculptures, are a great way to add a natural touch (more on that, below!) Not to mention, they’re durable and sustainable. Textures can also help to subtly define different areas of the nursery, such as having a soft, thick rug in the play area and smooth, light sheets and curtains around the sleeping space. 

Layering materials contributes to the overall aesthetic and also stimulates your baby's tactile and visual senses—an important aspect of their early development. By combining different textures, you can create a balanced and harmonious environment that feels just right for snuggles, playtime & everything in between!

Wooden shelf by Crate&Barrel / Design by @Coast_Modern_Design


Consider natural themes. 

Incorporating natural themes into your gender-neutral nursery can connect your little one with the beauty of the outdoors from their earliest days…and spark seeds of curiosity! 

Consider themes inspired by nature—like forests, mountains, oceans, or even simple botanical motifs. A few ways to incorporate natural themes into your baby’s nursery are through wallpaper, decals or sheet prints featuring trees, leaves, flowers or animals. (Our Lunaluxe™ Bamboo crib sheets could be just what you’re looking for!) You could complement these motifs with real or faux plants. 

Natural light is another essential element to consider. Allowing plenty of sunlight to filter in during the day helps to establish a healthy sleep-wake cycle for your baby, while soft, warm lighting options can mimic the soothing effect of natural light during the evenings.

Starry bedroom: Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Sarah Elliott


Think about your home’s aesthetic. 

If your nursery complements the overall aesthetic of your home, it creates a seamless flow between spaces. This makes your new nursery feel like a cohesive part of your family’s living environment. Of course, that doesn't mean the nursery needs to replicate your living room or bedroom—but incorporating elements that reflect the style, colors and textures found throughout your home can enhance the overall sense of harmony.

Look at the artwork, decorative accents, and even the type of lighting fixtures used in your home to draw inspiration for the nursery. For instance, if your home leans towards a modern minimalist style, you might opt for clean lines, simple shapes or a monochromatic color scheme in the nursery. (Our Rust Rainbows print might fit the bill!)

For homes that feature a bohemian or rustic aesthetic, incorporating natural materials, vintage finds and a warmer color palette can make sure that cozy vibe makes its way into your baby's space.

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Opt for whimsical art!

Adding whimsical art to your gender neutral nursery can infuse personality into the space—and the best part is, you can swap it out to match your child’s interests as they grow! For newborns, fantastical landscapes or abstract designs with soft, dreamy colors can serve as wonderful focal points and ignite your child’s developing imagination. Choose art that feels uplifting, with elements that can captivate and entertain. 

Consider the idea that artwork can also serve as a starting point for color schemes or themes within the room, making the design more cohesive when paired with textiles and accessories. And don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and frames, or to include handmade pieces for a more personalized touch!

We hope our tips inspire you to design a gender neutral nursery that feels perfect for your family's newest addition. Whether you're just starting to plan your newborn nursery or putting the finishing touches on your little one's special space, remember that the best nurseries are those created with love and joy. 

Let's keep the conversation going. Drop a comment with your favorite design tips or links to your go-to shops and pieces!


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