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The Best LS Maternity Styles: Stay Comfy From Pregnancy to Postpartum

The Best LS Maternity Styles: Stay Comfy From Pregnancy to Postpartum The Best LS Maternity Styles: Stay Comfy From Pregnancy to Postpartum
Featured Products: Women's Short Sleeve & Shorts Pajama Sets in Black, Heather Mauve, Heather Oatmeal, Indigo, and Heather Blue.


Pregnancy is such a precious time. Not only are you preparing for the arrival of a tiny human who will forever change the course of your life…there are also major changes going on inside you!

Before you know it, that peanut will grow – and grow – and you’ll be reaching for maternity styles to suit your burgeoning belly.

While most women don’t need to wear maternity clothes until after the first trimester, it’s never too early to start shopping for your go-to pregnancy wardrobe. But it can be tough to know where to begin, or what to buy for each stage!

If you’ve ever shopped for maternity clothes, you probably know the styles and fits are all over the spectrum: from body-hugging tops to roomy kaftans. While you can lean into one style or the other, there’s one thing we know for sure about dressing during every stage of pregnancy: it’s that comfort is key.

Wondering what LS styles will suit you every step of the way? Read more to find out what pieces we recommend to wear from the first trimester & beyond, and don’t forget to stock up on those newborn essentials as well!

Prepare for the wild but wonderful ride!

For nine long months and change, you’ll be experiencing days of fatigue, euphoria, discomfort, and every sensation and emotion in between. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether your clothes are comfortable enough for that wild but wonderful ride!

Thankfully, there’s no fabric that is more comfortable in touch, feel and wear than our Lunaluxe™ Bamboo. When it’s time for a little stretch, LS offers room to grow – and glow, of course!

Everything from our button-down PJ sets and PJ tops or gowns with snaps for easy access to our new & improved robes and recently released nursing tops are here to support you and your little one right from the start of your pregnancy. And, if you choose so, well into your nursing journey!


First trimester favorite: PJ Sets

The first trimester is not for the faint of heart. Everything from morning sickness to fatigue so relentless you’ll want to go to bed at 5 p.m. every day is at play. That’s why we’re all about embracing rest, relaxation and self-care those first weeks of pregnancy!

Your belly might not be expanding too far yet, but even so, you’ll want to slip into something that can suit the unexpected, often nerve-wracking first-trimester experience. There’s nothing you’ll appreciate more than our classic pajama sets to keep you cozy and comfy while baby settles into their new room…or should we say womb?

Our versatile, everyday PJs are a great option for any time of year: they’re light enough for those warm summer nights, but can also withstand the colder weather.

Our newly designed short sleeve and shorts pajama sets, too, are a great year-round option with their relaxed, roomier fit. The full button-down top is great for nursing, and neutral, monochromatic color palettes are great for any style preference.

The stretchy, wide waistband and relaxed fit on both our pajama pants and pajama shorts give you and your soon-to-be bump ample room to move & groove. But if you’re worried about sizing, especially if you want to wear these pjs throughout your pregnancy, it can’t hurt to size up to give yourself some extra breathing room. You know your body better than anyone else!

Featured Product: Indigo Women's Short Sleeve & Shorts Pajama Set


Second trimester favorite: Women’s Sleep Shirts

After a few months, you’re knee deep in the second trimester and probably feeling like you’ve almost gotten the hang of this pregnancy thing. Though the second trimester comes with a lot of exciting changes for mom and baby alike – i.e. fetal movement and more energy throughout the day – you’re also starting to show more, and are probably ready to dress the part.

There are countless loungewear options out there to choose from, but there’s one LS piece you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again to look & feel your best: the LS sleep shirt. (These super soft essentials are also great for mommy and me matching, once your little one arrives!)

To make room for a blossoming bump, this comfortable, easy-to-wear sleep shirt is a go-to for moms-to-be. The length of the sleep shirt is just above the knees, so it’s lengthy enough to accommodate all those physical changes happening out front. And the sleep shirt’s buttons not only come in handy for a bit of give, they’re also great for nursing after your baby’s arrival.

When it comes to sizing, these bamboo shirts run true to size and definitely have some extra stretch in them. But if you want to have ample room for your baby's extended stay in the months to come, sizing up couldn’t hurt either!

Featured Products: Luna Neutral Women's Sleep Shirt and Rust Rainbows Women's Sleep Shirt


Third trimester favorite: Robes

Congrats, mama! You’ve nearly made it to the finish line, and you’re probably feeling both the emotional and physical weight of carrying around that beautiful babe. No matter what week you are in in the third trimester, there’s one style that is going to be a favorite wear from morning to night: our new & improved LS robe.

You may have seen our previous robes out there in the wild — with LS VIP moms and babies matching adorably in birth-announcement photos from the hospital. And though we’re all for packing that insanely cozy robe in your hospital bag, this robe will be a favorite for more than just one photogenic wear!

Our updated robe features a relaxed, room-to-grow fit that you can appreciate at any stage of pregnancy…but most especially at the end — when patience has worn thin, you’re physically spent and ample rest is required to cross the finish line.

The robe’s improved inner tie closure is both modest and easy to wear and remove. Plus, when baby is finally in your arms, you’ll appreciate the trusty side pockets to carry essential cargo like pacifiers and midnight snacks!

The LS robe is a staple you can rock with your much-needed morning coffee, but it’s also a solid sleepwear option as well. Especially during those long nights of every-hour-upon-the-hour feedings, when the last thing you’ll want to worry about is throwing on pajamas!

Honestly, the toughest choice will be choosing your favorite hues and patterns from our mama & me collection

Featured Products: Heather Blue Women's Robe, Heather Oatmeal Women's Robe, and Heather Oatmeal Ribbed Two-Piece Pajama Set


Fourth trimester favorite: Nursing Tops

Now that baby is here, the adventure really begins. Everything from those eyes-barely-open feedings, to diaper changes and figuring out what each cry means will have you working around the clock…with little breathing room in between.

And if you’re a nursing or pumping mama, you’re in for an extra learning curve getting your lactation groove down. It’s natural to be stressed about timing your feedings and tracking your milk supply, but one thing you never want to worry about is your attire.

When it comes time to feed your baby, functionality is crucial, and that’s why we’re thrilled about our newly debuted nursing tops. Not only do our nursing tops look and feel great whether you’re hibernating at home or venturing out into the world, they take the stress out of nursing on the go — no matter where you are.

The top features a relaxed-fit style you can wear both during and after pregnancy, and it doesn’t look like those frumpy and frilly nursing tops you’ve no doubt seen while perusing nursing-friendly clothes online. Our roomy top features a pullover drape over a hidden underlayer tank top that allows for easy, efficient and discreet nursing access at all times. What’s not to love about that?

Let’s face it: not all nursing tops are made alike, and we’ve put a lot of work into making the best possible piece for your post-baby wardrobe so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style. 

Featured Products: Heather Mauve Ribbed Zippy, Heather Mauve Women's Nursing Top, and Bright White Women's Nursing Top


Now, time for family matching!

If you’re a fan of family matching – seriously, aren’t we all? – start stocking up on our precious prints and solids in zippies, swaddles, and hats and headbands before your little one’s arrival. They’ll be looking extra fresh when they make their grand debut!

We know you’ll be snapping an unimaginable number of photos of that squishy face and toothless grin! So, you’ll be glad you invested in family-matching styles for the whole family when it comes time to document those euphoric early days with your beautiful baby.

And, in case we didn’t say it, congrats on the new addition! Do you have any tried-and-true tips to share on staying comfortable while pregnant or nursing? Drop them in the comments, please!



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