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12 Simple & Sweet DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

12 Simple & Sweet DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 12 Simple & Sweet DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that exciting time of year when the air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and you’re probably planning out your little pumpkin’s Halloween costume! Isn’t it always more fun to make them yourself? Don’t fear! We’ve got some simple (and sweet!) DIY costume ideas that are sure to have them spellbound. 

Think of those treasured memories of when you were a child, and your mom made you a robot costume out of cardboard boxes and foil. That’s the kind of childhood magic we’ve seen from our LS fam over the years! It’s been such a treat to see how you & your kiddos get creative and dress up in your LS. Now, let’s talk inspiration! 


Solids Turned Spooky

Brew up an adorable ensemble using some of our solids! These versatile Zippies, PJ Sets and more are the perfect base ingredients for last minute costume ideas.

  • Eek, it’s a baby bat! Perfect for little ones who are growing their first fangs. A solid black Zippy, Luxe Bow with Cat Ears and some wings are all you need to complete this batty look. 


  • For your little sunshine! Our Lemon Twist Crescent Zippy is that sweet shade of sunny yellow. Just grab some craft paper and cut out some rays to go around their cute face! 

  • Three words: Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. Step into a giant cup and throw on some of our Heather Spice Ribbed PJs for a deliciously cute costume. Remember to add some whipped cream on top! 


  • Look out! There’s something in the water. A whole family of sharks were spotted in their Heather Gray Sleepies this Halloween. Wait…are their fins made of styrofoam? 

Playing With Prints

Our prints are SO cute, it’s almost scary. With a little imagination, you could be just about anything…but let’s start with some more easy DIY costume ideas!

  • Have a roar-ing fun Halloween with our Classic Leopard or Rainbow Leopard prints! Just draw on some whiskers and go wild! For your littlest cubs, pair it with our new Baby Hat with Cat Ears.

  • Ready, set…BOO! Race to the finish line while trick or treating this year in our Cool Checks print. Just don’t forget your flag!

  • Who doesn’t love a banana split? The whole family can join the fun in this a-peeling print. Someone just needs to be the ice cream!

  • Another one for the whole fam! After a full day hitting the theme parks, the “tired tourists” are ready to catch some zzz’s in their Mickey & Minnie PJs. Just add in some mouse ears, pillows and messy hair to win the neighborhood costume contest! 

And More Frightful Fun!

The wicked cuteness doesn’t end there! We have a few more easy DIY Halloween costume ideas for your little boos.

  • Grab their favorite pair of fairy wings and let their fantasies come to life just by putting on a Raspberry Pink Tutu!

  • Or go with a classic & spook-tastic look by pairing any ol’ skeleton shirt with a cute Black Tutu.

  • Maybe you want to let everyone know that your kiddo is the center of your universe, and you are just comets in their orbit.

  • Or let them be a rainbow, snuggled up between two cozy clouds.

However your boo crew chooses to dress up, we hope you have a sweet and spooky Halloween! 

Are you creating a Halloween costume this year with Little Sleepies items? Tell us below in the comments or join our community to share with other parents looking for creative dress-up options!

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