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Picture Perfect Back-to-School Moments: Tips and Ideas for Parents

Picture Perfect Back-to-School Moments: Tips and Ideas for Parents Picture Perfect Back-to-School Moments: Tips and Ideas for Parents

The anticipation of back-to-school is one of the sweetest moments you’ll have with your kids while they’re still little! Shopping for new supplies, picking out cute outfits, and talking about their new classroom create excitement for kids and parents alike. 

Many parents in the LS fam love the cherished tradition of capturing those precious back-to-school moments in pictures, serving as a nostalgic reminder of growth and new beginnings. And we love seeing those captures on social media and in our LS VIP community! Because this time of year is so special, we compiled a list of ideas and tips for parents looking to create unforgettable back-to-school pictures. 


Plan Ahead

You can make the first day of school more special by brainstorming a few creative concepts or themes in advance. Consider something different – showcase your child's favorite books, incorporate props like a chalkboard or school bus, or set up a mini classroom scene. Alphabet Friends inspires all of us this season with back-to-school favorites: pencils, musical instruments, and friends. 

Location, Location, Location

Significantly impact the overall feel of your back-to-school photos with a location you can use repeatedly. While traditional locations such as front porches or bus stops work well, feel free to think outside the box. Parks, libraries, or even your backyard can offer interesting backdrops.

Timing is Key

The first day of school is exciting but can be stressful for your kids as they transition back to early mornings and a new schedule. Schedule your photo session when your child is at their best to capture their genuine excitement. Consider a time when they're well-rested and in high spirits, allowing their personalities to shine through in the pictures.

Natural Lighting is Your Friend

Whenever possible, make use of natural light. Schedule your session during the "golden hour" (early morning or late afternoon) when the light is soft and warm, resulting in dreamy pictures. Our signature Sunshine design is the perfect choice for sunny days ahead!

The Details Matter

Ensure that your child's outfit reflects their personal style while considering color schemes that complement their surroundings. Our Play Collection is an excellent choice for back-to-school pictures. Available in various solid colors and prints that mix and match, you will find something that takes your picture from boring to magnificent.

Get the Kids Involved

Encourage your child's involvement in the process. Talk about different ideas with them, asking them what their favorite things are and what they’re looking forward to this school year. Including your kids in the planning will enhance their enthusiasm during the photo session, resulting in more authentic pictures.

Strike a Creative Pose

While traditional poses are always safe, be bold with a different one. Capture candid shots of your child interacting with school supplies, reading a book, or walking towards the school building. Our Play Collection features the softest fabrics made from buttery soft bamboo, so comfy they’ll never want to take it off, so those poses look perfectly natural!

Don't Forget Siblings and Friends

If your child has siblings or friends starting school together, incorporate group shots into your photo session. Our Play collection is designed for sibling matching so you can coordinate your older kids with your little ones who may not be starting school yet! 

Back-to-school pictures serve as precious mementos. An essential aspect of these pictures is to capture your child's personality and the joy they experience during this big milestone. Do you include Little Sleepies designs in your back-to-school pictures? We’d love to see them - tag us on social media!

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