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7 Reasons Why We Love the Zippy

7 Reasons Why We Love the Zippy 7 Reasons Why We Love the Zippy

The Little Sleepies Zippy is a one-piece zipper pajama that makes sleeping comfortable and safe for babies and toddlers. It’s also a parent’s best friend for getting baby ready for bed with the cutest footie (or footless romper) for the cutest little feet!

From premies to 3T, our Zippies are an important part of your child’s life. Here are the top seven reasons why the Little Sleepies Zippy is a wardrobe must-have for your baby or toddler.

Reason One: Gentle on Sensitive Skin

All of our Zippies are made with buttery soft, stretchy custom-milled Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose that's gentle on sensitive or eczema-prone skin. From the moment they come home from the hospital, this newborn outfit will keep them comfortable.

These zippered sleepers were made with your baby's comfort in mind – we also kept them snap, button, and interior tag-free to reduce any irritation or itchiness that you might find with other brands.


Reason Two: Room to Grow

They grow up so fast, and our Zippy will grow with them. Our Zippy fits three times longer than the average sleeper and is designed to grow with your child. Cute outfits come in all different shapes and sizes, and the Zippy was designed with unique features like foldover feet and mittens, cuffs with extra length, and the perfect amount of stretch so they'll grow as your child does!

Reason Three: Easy for Diaper Changes

The double zipper on our Zippy opens from the top and bottom, making diaper changes easier in the middle of the night or on the go. Zip through diaper changes or a quick outfit change with this simple design element. Leaving more time for snuggles.

Reason Four: Made for Comfort

When we got to work designing the perfect zippered pajama, we knew we had to use fabric with a cozy, breathable feel no matter the season. That's why we developed our signature Lunaluxe™ bamboo that's seasonless and keeps babies and toddlers cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

We also made sure to include thoughtful details like foldover feet on all Zippy sizes to convert from footless romper to footed sleeper easily - traditional footies are so limiting (and your little will grow out of them so quickly!). And if your baby no longer likes to keep their little toes covered, you can keep the Zippy and fold the cuffs and you have a cute footless pajama.

Don't let their toes get all of the attention. The Zippy has foldover mittens up to size 12-18 months to protect your baby from scratching themselves.


Reason Five: Designed for Family Matching

Pajamas made for comfort and style shouldn't just be for the kids! Most of our Zippies have a matching style for everyone in the family or play group. From our Mommy and Me combinations to the Full Family Matching, our matching designs make getting into jammies the best part of the day! 

Reason Six: Safe for Sleep

When designing and developing your favorite Little Sleepies jammies, your baby's safety is our number one priority. That's why we choose not to use flame retardant chemicals on our products and place your child's safety at the core of our decision.

The Zippy's snug fit is in accordance with all CPSC safety regulations. Like you, we always choose clothes made with untreated, natural fiber materials that are sustainable and safe for your family.


Reason Seven: A Zippy for Everyone

From Disney to Cozy Cats, we have adorable prints and designs with every baby, toddler, kid, and parent in mind! The Zippy also comes in solid colors, which are wardrobe staples for layering and outfits on the go! And don't forget the special occasions - we created prints for birthdays, holidays, family vacations, and school days.

We can't brag enough about our best-selling comfortable pajamas, and seven reasons may not be enough! What's another reason you love the Little Sleepies Zippy?


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