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Holiday Traditions from Our Community

Holiday Traditions from Our Community Holiday Traditions from Our Community

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year! It's a time we spend together with our families in our cozy jammies, celebrate our traditions, or create new ones. We love hearing from our community and learning about the different ways you make memories during this festive time of year.

Here are some fun and memorable ways our Little Sleepies community likes to celebrate the holiday season.

Wearing matching PJs and spending time together

"We each open one present every Christmas Eve, which is always new PJs we can put on and wear for the best Christmas morning photos! This year we will have three generations (12 people) in the Tartan print!" ~ Allison B.

Photo courtesy of Meghan K.

Spreading little holiday magic

"We are "growing" our Christmas tree - our daughter will get to pick out a pine cone, we bring it home and sprinkle it with "Christmas magic" (glitter and snow), then when she wakes up in the morning, the tree is up." ~ Kristyn T.

Giving meaningful gifts

"Every Thanksgiving weekend, we cut down the family Christmas tree. At the end of the Christmas season, my Dad saves the tree and carves a Santa for my brother and me for the next Christmas. He usually adds a theme based on the year. I have a Santa from every year I have been alive. They are our favorite gifts and so meaningful!" ~ Abby B.

"I take each kid out individually to pick out gifts for their sibling, and then they exchange them before bedtime on Christmas Eve.” ~ Cassandra J.

“With my extended family we have a Hanukkah party where we do a white elephant gift exchange, which is so much fun! Last year I was gifted an adult Little Sleepies set!” ~ Brittany C.

Celebrating on Christmas Eve

Our family tradition is celebrating Christmas Eve, and all the kids open gifts at midnight! They all wait anxiously, ready to open gifts. If they fall asleep, they make sure to be woken up. It's the best time ever. Also, having tamales and pozole at every Christmas party!" ~Jennifer H.

Chrismukkah traditions

"Growing up in a household that celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, we'd make Latkes on Christmas Eve." ~ Phoebe H.

Looking at the lights

"Every year, we drive through a light village with hot chocolate and then go home and make cookies followed by a Christmas story." ~ Rebecca C.

Watching holiday movies

"We watch Home Alone 2 every Christmas Eve and have a glass of eggnog after the kids go to bed." ~ Katelin L.

It's all about the food!

"One of our traditions is to make waffle houses on Christmas morning for breakfast."~ Marissa H.

"We order Chinese food on Christmas Eve and watch Christmas movies. On Christmas morning, we make coffee and cinnamon rolls and open stockings, followed by presents. We facetime and call family members throughout the day and spend our time enjoying each other's company." ~ Brin G.

"Every year, a few weeks before Christmas, my whole family goes to my aunt's house. We sleep over Friday night & Saturday morning. We start our "cookie bake" We make thousands of Christmas cookies for everyone. It takes all day and all of us. I love it!"

~ Kelsey H.

"Blueberry French toast made by my mom Christmas morning! And finding the pickle ornament hidden in the tree after opening gifts. Candlelight church service Christmas Eve followed by setting out cookies for Santa (each kid picks out one cookie). ~ Tim & Kayla W.

“Growing up, we’d get together with my dad’s side of the family for Christmas Day lunch and order in a bunch of dim sum! My grandma would always make a dish too, whether it was Chinese sticky rice or lotus root soup, and my aunt would make almond jello for dessert! We’d spend the rest of the afternoon exchanging gifts and playing games with the cousins.” ~ Megan W.

Giving back to the community

"I grew up baking cookies for our local law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS and delivering on Christmas eve for those serving away from their families on the most blessed day of the year. I carry on this tradition with my daughter (she will be 2 in February). After delivering, my daughter gets to open her Christmas eve box, which contains matching jammies, a Christmas movie or book, her favorite drink, and a snack." ~ Erin R.

"In the spirit of giving, we make cinnamon buns and deliver them warm to all of our neighbors on Christmas morning." ~ Alayne K.

"One of my favorite traditions growing up was that we went shopping for other kids who couldn't afford Christmas gifts! We'd pick them out, wrap them, and drop them off at an outreach center on Christmas Eve." ~ Laura S.

What holiday traditions does your family have? We'd love to share in your family memories - share them with us on @littlesleepies or below in the comments.

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  • Nancy A


    These are all so wonderful. I think instilling the message of gratitude and charitable acts of kindness during the holidays is soo very important. It is very easy for the holidays to turn into the season of “getting” and not “giving back”…. Thanks for sharing!
    We love reading books together during the holidays. We actually started a new tradition a few years back that we absolutely love.

    Each year we pick a new Christmas book to read, rate, and decide if it makes the cut and will be added to our yearly read-alouds (the official list!). If we aren’t as fond of a book we donate it! It is something my kids look forward to every year. I think I found the winning book this year, “The Great Tree: A Christmas Fable” by Able Barrett. This is a must-have for any animal lover or fan of epic Christmas stories. It is an engaging and well-written book for all ages that tells the story of how Christmas came to be. It’s also a fairly short read so it is sure to keep the kids attention and the perfect stocking stuffer. The best part is all the proceeds go to The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary! ( It’s an animal sanctuary that takes in dogs, cats and horses. My family has quite a few pets and this is a cause that’s near and dear to us. I am excited to see what my kids think of the book and I hope you will check it out too!

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