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Best Baby Gifts & Registry Essentials

Best Baby Gifts & Registry Essentials Best Baby Gifts & Registry Essentials

Planning for a new baby is such an exciting time!

Whether you’re deciding what to put on your baby registry or shopping for new baby gifts, it can be challenging to know where to start. We crowdsourced the best registry items from our community to help you find the best shower gifts and more!

Here’s what parents in our community suggested as their favorite new baby gifts and registry items from Little Sleepies:

Matching for Mom & Baby

It’s easy to stay focused on the new baby, but mom deserves some pampering, too! Our women’s pajamas are designed to be nursing friendly making them the perfect gift for a new mom.

Matching PJs for mom and baby is something I really enjoyed. Little Sleepies are the perfect texture for recovery, too.”
~ Rachel H.

“Mama jams and a zippy! Postpartum is so hard, mama deserves to be as comfortable as possible.”
~ Christine J.

Plenty of Zippies

Our Zippies were thoughtfully designed by a mom so it’s no surprise that they were one of the most commonly suggested item from parents in our community.


“Definitely Zippies! When I had my newborn, she lived in Zippies for the first couple of months. It was the most convenient and cozy!”
~ Krystina M.

“The two-way zippers on the Zippy make those nighttme diaper changes
much more tolerable!”
~ Christine J.

“Zippies are a registry must have.Two new born, three 0-3 mo and one 3-6 mo is a good start. They’re also the perfect coming home from the hospital outfit!”
~ Desiree M.


PJs for Healing Belly Buttons

New to the Little Sleepies lineup, parents are already loving our Crescent Zippy and adding it to their baby registries.

“For my baby registry I would ask for Crescent Zippies for when the umbilical cord is still healing.”
~ Sara H.

A Picture Perfect Memory

Swaddle Sets are the gift that keeps on giving — it makes for the sweetest newborn photos and doubles as a car seat cover, playmat, nursing cover, and more.

“The swaddle sets are perfect for pictures and so soft so your new baby won’t have to be wrapped in scratchy hospital blankets.”
~ Desiree M.

“I ended up gifting a swaddle the most, then after the swaddle stage the babe can have a little blanket.”
~ Jessica W.

“My must haves would be a swaddle and the matching bow or hat. I wish I had
one with my first baby but absolutely loved it with my second.”
~ Halle M.

The Convenience of Knotted Gowns

Easy and buttery soft, our Knotted Gowns make for the easiest diaper changes. Parents love the convenience and that they come in the same prints as our Zippies and Swaddle Sets making them a well coordinated addition to any registry!

“I would definitely add SO many knotted gowns! They are definitely underrated, but were so nice and convenient when my first was a newborn.”
~ Kara B.

“The gowns are my #1 pick for any newborn! My 3 month old still wears hers every night.”
~ Valerie G.

Cozy Sleep with Sleepy Bags

A snuggly soft Sleepy Bag makes for an ideal transition post-swaddling and is a must have for any new parents, because who doesn’t want their little one to sleep better?

“I love how easy the top snaps and zippers are for wiggly babies!”
~ Valerie G


What are your Little Sleepies must haves and favorite gifts? Let us know in the comments below!


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