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Coming Soon: Sesame Street | Little Sleepies

Coming Soon: Sesame Street | Little Sleepies Coming Soon: Sesame Street | Little Sleepies

Dreaming of sunny days? Get ready, because they’re just around the block! We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting a collection featuring your favorite friends from Sesame Street, and we’re so excited to share that it’s coming soon. We might just do an Elmo-inspired happy dance!

Your little one can laugh, grow and learn all day in styles for both sleep and play! Our Sesame Street pajamas and daywear will keep them cozy and comfortable, wherever their adventures or imaginations take them. From stomping with dinos, to blasting off in a rocket, to snuggling up reading bedtime stories.

Sesame Street is all about coming together as a community and learning through play. Those values are near and dear to our hearts, too. So, we couldn’t resist creating some fun learning tools for your little ones to enjoy, featuring some of their favorite characters! 


Take a peek behind the scenes of our very own LS community! Our team includes many families, and a few had their kiddos try out the Coloring Page and Word Search. 

Ready to grab some crayons and try them yourself? Have fun learning with all your friends from Sesame Street, and be sure to tag us when you post your masterpieces!

Click Here to Download the Word Search and Coloring Page!

Word Search and Coloring Page


  • Lauren


    So excited for this my little girl loves Sesame Street Hope there some Abby in there with Elmo and Cookie

  • Adria


    Please have some fabulous daywear and play options

  • Stephanie


    Please give us a release date? My daughter turns 2 in December; Elmo party theme. Would love to surprise her with some sweet LS!!

  • Janette


    I really hope dresses will be released in this collection. :)

  • Abigayle Carter


    Will will these be released?? My son loves Sesame Street so I am anxious to get my hands on these before they sell out.

  • Ebonie


    I’m going to need an Oscar the Grouch with his buddy Slimey 🪱 print in zippies and adult print

  • Pennie Zimmerman


    I hope you have adult Elmo PJ to match my granddaughter

  • Maria


    Going crazy with suspense!! When will Sesame Street be released?

  • Christopher Garcia


    Is there a release date?

  • Trish Keohane


    I have my grandchildren’s wishlist!❤️😂

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