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Fun Spring Activities for Kids

Fun Spring Activities for Kids Fun Spring Activities for Kids

Warmer weather means it’s time to get outside and enjoy Spring activities with the kids! There is a lot of inspiration in our prints and we know that your kids are always ready to have fun. So here are Spring activities inspired by Little Sleepies designs that we know you and your kids will love.

Collect Flowers in all Colors

Collect all the colors of the rainbow with a fun outdoor activity that gives your kids a reason to match colors. Our Sunny Garden print is the true inspiration behind flower collecting, and there’s no better time than Spring to make our day.

sunny garden twirl dress

Create art with your flower collection. Gather little bundles in vases to place in your home or give to a friendly neighbor. Tape flowers to a piece of paper and hang upside down to dry. Place your favorite flowers in books and retrieve them in a week to create more art with pressed flowers. 


Make a Magical Ocean Expedition

The magic of swirl colors is a wonderful way to introduce sensory activities to your child’s day. This easy activity is inspired by our Shark Soiree print and can be taken outdoors. Soap foam is a sensory play recipe that only requires household supplies.

  • Large bowl or other similar container

  • 1.5 cups water

  • ¼ cup of dish soap

  • Food coloring

  • Electric Beaters

Once you mix everything to create soap foam, add your favorite aquatic toys - sharks, fish, mermaids, boats! Let their imaginations float in the soapy water.

sensory game

Click here
for three additional sensory play ideas that are inspired by some of our Signature Prints!  


Take a Balloon Ride

You don’t need to fly in a hot air balloon but you can enjoy the sweetness of walking with your kids on a beautiful day and looking for clouds together. Wear your best shades and spin with the Twirl Dress with Bodysuit, and compare clouds to animals and shapes. 

Don’t stop there. Keep on dancin’ in any of our Play by Little Sleepies dresses made for twirling. While the mornings can be cooler and the days warmer, our Lunaluxe™ fabric keeps them cool on the playground and warm when the temperature drops.

child twirling in blush pink twirl dress


Chase Bubbles

There are few things sweeter than watching a child’s amazement when bubbles are around. The sunny days create a kaleidoscope of color through bubbles. Ask your kids to chase and follow bubbles with their eyes. Playing with bubbles is not only fun, but a developmental benefit for kids, helping with visual tracking and fine motor skills.

Playing with bubbles doesn’t have to be formal. Let your kids stay in their Watercolor pajamas longer and chase bubbles, or go outside to look for fireflies right before bed.

Watch an Outdoor Movie

Take family movie nights outside when the sun goes down. Get the entire family in Matching Family Pajamas and cuddle up with a cozy Cloud Blanket® to watch your favorite movie. From Disney pajamas to Star Wars family pajamas, we have your kids’ favorite designs to make choosing the movie easier.

child in disney pajamas with matching blanket

Pick Berries

Fresh produce is a gift from mother nature this time of year. Show your kids where their fruits and vegetables come from this Spring by visiting a local farm and picking berries and other fresh produce. We love our Sweet Strawberries Flutter Twirl Dress for days outside on the farm, and especially for twirling between the rows of strawberries!

Will Bake for Cookies

Don’t let outside have all the fun. Your kids love to spend time with you in the kitchen, so use the new season as a reason to bake a spring treat with your kids. Mix fun candies into marshmallow treats or bake colorful cookies. Don’t bother getting all dressed up for the occasion - stay comfortable in our Cookies & Milk pajamas in pink and blue.

kids baking cookies

Looking for yummy inspiration?
Here are five delicious recipes inspired by our Bananas print that you can enjoy making with your kids. 


If Life Gives you Lemons

This is the best time to enjoy the seasonal produce and give back to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) as a family. Spend time with your kids getting a plan together to host a lemonade stand in the community. And add a little flare while serving homemade lemonade with our Lemons design pajamas.  

kids in lemon print pajamas


Rainy Day Brights

Don’t let the clouds overshadow your fun. Here are some fun indoor activities to experience with your kids at any time - rain or shine! And the best part about rainy days is staying in with your favorite Little Sleepies pajamas!

child in navy jurassic jungle pajamas in the rain

If you’re enjoying the longer days and warmer weather in Little Sleepies like us, tag us on Instagram. We love to see how you get inspired and enjoy the new season. 


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