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Hello, Laundry Day: Five Essential Little Sleepies Bamboo Care Tips

smiling baby in pink pajamas on bed smiling baby in pink pajamas on bed

Is today laundry day? Perfect timing! 

You’ve just landed in the right spot to master the art of caring for your Lunaluxe™ & Soluxe™ Bamboo pieces. Designed to be both sturdy and gentle, these fabrics can withstand the test of time, with just a pinch of extra care and love. 

Below, you'll find our favorite Little Sleepies laundry day tips, straight from our team and community members. By following this guide, you’ll keep your LS pieces irresistibly soft and looking great, wash after wash!

Sort Wisely!

Avoid the heartbreak of pilling or snags by separating your Little Sleepies from rougher pieces like towels or items with velcro. Some of our community members even keep their LS in their own hamper. If your closets are bursting with bamboo, consider having a Lunaluxe™ & Soluxe™ Bamboo-only wash day — it’s a game changer! 


Flip & Zip 

Before tossing them in the wash, flip your Lunaluxe™ & Soluxe™ garments inside out, ensure all zippers are zipped up, and snap up any snaps! It’s a simple trick to protect the fabric and extend the life of each piece.


Cold Water Only, Please

Always opt for cold water when washing your LS, setting the temperature no higher than 30C. For the best results, choose a delicate or gentle cycle.

Gentle Detergent Is a Must

Choose a mild, liquid, biodegradable detergent — and remember, less is more! Cutting your usual amount in half (think: a tablespoon at most) can prevent build-up and keep your fabrics feeling fresh.


Say No to Softeners & Bleach

Lunaluxe™ & Soluxe™ Bamboo’s natural softness means you can skip the fabric softener. And bleach? Forget about it. Instead, add a dash of distilled white vinegar to your wash for a natural, fabric-loving alternative. 


Stain-Busting Secrets

Kids are adorable mess-makers, and bamboo is no exception to stains. For a quick DIY solution, mix hydrogen peroxide with blue Dawn Dish Soap and gently tackle the spot. Rinse thoroughly before washing. For the stubborn ones, a 30-45 minute soak can do wonders — just make sure to address stains before drying! 

Sunshine: The Natural Stain Remover

Got stains on white trim or collars? Let the sun work its magic. Lay your wet garments flat, stain-side up, under the sun (even on cloudy days!) Just remember to rescue your clothes once dry to avoid any color fading.


Dry Wisely

Whenever possible, line dry your Little Sleepies. It’s kind to the fabric and the environment — plus, it’s key to keeping your fabrics buttery soft. If you must use a dryer, opt for a low heat setting to minimize potential damage. And if you do occasionally pop them in the dryer, be sure to skip the dryer sheets.


Smart Storage

Planning to pass down those Little Sleepies? Store them in a fabric bag or breathable box to ward off moisture and mildew — steer clear of plastic or cardboard storage.

And there you have it: all you need to keep your Lunaluxe™ & Soluxe™ Bamboo clothes in cuddle-worthy & playground-ready condition! 

Questions? Drop them in the comments, or our inbox is always open over at!


  • Kate Hechler


    I’m curious if there are any tips for washing the cloud blankets? Both of mine suddenly have little beads inside the fabric, all over the blanket. Any way to prevent this from happening?

  • Briana


    This totally worked on some jammies that I accidentally got color transfer on. I soaked them with the dawn and hydrogen peroxide then let them sit in the sun before washing them again. Thank you so much for the advice!

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