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Five Genius 3 a.m. Purchases I Made as a New Mom — No Regrets!

Five Genius 3 a.m. Purchases I Made as a New Mom — No Regrets! Five Genius 3 a.m. Purchases I Made as a New Mom — No Regrets!

At Little Sleepies, we know all too well the unexpected journeys of motherhood, especially those late-night shopping sprees that every new mom experiences. To bring these stories to life, we reached out to one of the mamas from our Facebook VIP Group

She humorously shared her candid tales and some of her favorite new mom purchases. Here's her account of how those 3 a.m. scrolling sessions turned into delightful discoveries and essential buys for mom and baby alike. Enjoy her story & maybe find your next late-night must-have!

We’ve all been there: It’s 3 a.m., baby isn’t sleeping, you aren’t sleeping, and you need a distraction. All of the sudden you’re scrolling, shopping, and days later packages start piling up at your door. Don’t worry, it’s all normal. 

In fact, one of the most humorous, humbling habits new mothers develop during those sleepy feedings is scrolling and making magical, mysterious purchases along the way. The truth is, in the midst of being in service to your kids around the clock you need a little escape to recapture yourself and snag some game-changing products along the way. 

Maybe you saw a cute nursing dress that caught your eye. Was it that Little Sleepies Robe you’ve been admiring? Perhaps it’s the Frida Baby fart-relieving Windi for your gassy newborn – listen, it seriously works! 

Whatever it may be, we’ve all been there at 3 a.m. filling our carts with newborn essentials and of-the-moment buys. Wondering what genius purchases are worth making during those bleary, sometimes dreary, nights? Read on, LS fam!


For Sleepless Nights: An App-Powered Coffee Maker 

We all mentally prepare ourselves for sleepless nights, but when reality sets in, it’s relentless. The age-old advice of “sleep when the baby sleeps” is moot when your baby refuses to sleep. But, that’s why we have caffeine. 

It’s nearly impossible to make it out of the house in one piece during those early days to snag a drive-through coffee, let alone to make a disheveled appearance at a coffee shop. That’s why I caved and purchased a smart coffee maker – a true must-have for all mothers – when I found myself ordering lukewarm coffees on Uber Eats more than I care to admit. 

While it would be nice to drop everything you’re doing to start up the coffee pot or froth milk for a very necessary three-shot latte, it’s never easy to step away when you’re changing diapers and rocking a fussy baby to sleep. So don’t feel guilty about outsourcing the job to a pro who knows exactly what it’s doing. 

Depending on your budget, you can snag a standard app-powered smart coffee maker for under $100! Or, if you really want to splurge (like I did on one of my midnight scroll sessions in need of caffeine) you could go with a voice-to-brew-powered smart coffee maker. It's controllable from an app or from smart home features like Alexa and Google Home. 

No matter how much you want to spend on this new mom must-have, this indulgence is like having a barista at your beck and call, and what’s there to complain about that? 

Featured Product: Luna Neutral Oversized Cloud Blanket®


For Cozy Snuggles: An Oversized Throw 

Whether you want to kick back, binge watching the new season of Bridgerton, or just need a cuddly blanket to keep you company, there’s something about an oversized throw that just makes life better — especially for new mothers who need some TLC!

When I was breastfeeding and sleep deprived at the crack of dawn, I bought this blanket on a whim, and it quickly turned into my own little Lovey. Today, it keeps me and my little ones nice and snug, and if I’m being honest, it is a motherhood must-have. 

LS has designed their best-selling Oversized Cloud Blankets to be the coziest, comfiest blankets in your whole house. That’s why there’s no shame in investing in one of these pieces for some around-the-clock reinforcement when you need to rest, relax, and to recollect your sanity, even if it is 2 a.m. 

It’s no secret that LS Cloud Blankets are one of the first pieces to sell out with every new drop. The good news is they keep these selfcare essentials in stock with their Signature Cloud Blankets that you can buy anytime, without having to time your shopping spree to their latest drop. After all, you've got enough on your plate. 


For the Little One: Best Baby Sleep Sack Ever

While you’re out scrolling and shopping for an oversized blanket for yourself, there’s no shame in hooking the baby up, too. After all, who hasn’t ended up on the LS page filling their carts in the middle of the night? I assure you this piece will be a regret-free purchase, even if you did buy it when you were barely conscious. 

Before I was introduced to LS’ Sleepy Bags, I experimented with other wearable blankets. Some were too heavy, some too light, and some just too cumbersome... Out of frustration, I bought a Sleepy Bag during a wide-awake night, hoping it would satisfy both me and my baby. I’ve never regretted this impulsive decision, because when I tucked my kid in this soft, snuggly sleep sack, mom and baby both finally caught some ZZZs. 

Especially as a new mom, it can be difficult to navigate the endless options out there, so take it from a pro who has invested in numerous iterations of sleep sacks: you’ll never find a better one out there than the LS Sleepy Bag. It’s an heirloom piece you’ll pass down from kid to kid, year to year. So, go ahead and add to cart!  

Featured Snack: Mila Soup Dumplings


For Quick Bites: Snacks Delivered to Your Door 

I never knew the privilege of being able to sit down for a meal, until I had children. The chaos of changing diapers, breastfeeding, and more makes prioritizing time to feed oneself a real challenge, which is why I enrolled in some snack box subscriptions one late night, when I realized I had only eaten a granola bar all day. 

A snack box subscription is a great way to treat yourself to decadent & delicious bites! It takes the guesswork out of choosing foods, and stops you from having to carve out time to go to the grocery store – which is just plain impossible!

There are a lot of snack subscription boxes that suit specific nutritional needs, whether you’re looking for a healthy snack subscription designed for new moms or themed snacks from around the world; there is truly something for every palette. Even for those who have specific dietary requirements, there are great options like gluten-free snacks, allergy-friendly snacks, and more.  

Even if you just need some help getting food on the table in a rush (like I did every day for six months) you’ll love having something like these insanely delicious soup dumplings stocked in your freezer. Bon appetit! 

Featured Book: How To Keep House While Drowning


For Helpful Advice: A Sanity-Saving Book

I always imagined how wonderful it would be to fully focus on my baby during maternity leave, but inevitably, I found myself drowning in household tasks. Feeling overwhelmed, I tried to tackle everything on top of taking care of a new human being. No big deal, right?

I wish I could say I didn’t care that my environment looked like my kitchen and washing machine exploded, but it made me feel insecure and inadequate when my home looked and felt chaotic during those early days. I needed some gentle and helpful words of wisdom to see me through.

For any new mother who is looking for a well-deserved pat on the back, it’s worth reading a self-help book that will calm and collect you in those hectic days of momming and managing life. 

I actually found my favorite title while scrolling and crying – no shame – through Amazon book recommendations one night. One title that brought me some much-need peace and anxiety-reducing advice included: How to Keep House While Drowning by KC Davis. 

The best part of this chemistry-altering book? The author doesn’t recommend impossible standards for co-managing a household and raising humans. Instead, she suggests guilt-free, adaptable systems that any mom — even the ones who feel like the world is collapsing around them — can follow. If you don’t have time to read, there’s no shame in listening to the audiobook. 


The Joy of Delirious Splurges 

If there’s anything scrolling through social media and chatting with fellow mamas has taught me, it’s that we are all going through the ups and downs of motherhood together, so we might as well enjoy it – and laugh through it – while we can. 

These are just some of the eyes-barely-open, 3 am purchases I’ve made in my years of motherhood, and though judgemental observers and impolite company might say I should stop scrolling and shopping, I say there’s nothing wrong with a bit of spontaneity and splurging when you’re in service to others. 

After all, who else is going to take care of you, if not yourself? 

What are some of your favorite 3 am purchases you’ve made? Any helpful suggestions on what new moms should add to their carts ASAP? Comment below with any advice! 


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