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Five Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun With Kids

Five Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun With Kids Five Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun With Kids

Valentine's Day is a special opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms. Let's make it about more than just chocolates & roses—as caregivers, we can use this day to teach kids valuable lessons about kindness and sharing joy with others!


Did you know the story of Valentine's Day is a mix of old Christian and ancient Roman traditions? The star of these legends is Saint Valentine, a kind-hearted clergyman from the time of the Roman Empire. He was a secret hero, performing secret marriages when the emperor said no. Sadly, he was caught and sent to jail. On the day he said goodbye to the world, he left a note signed, “Your Valentine.” How sweet is that?

These days, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and friendship. We exchange cards, give pretty flowers and share thoughtful gifts. It's all about spreading the message of love and kindness, not just to our families but to our friends and everyone around us.

And now, in the spirit of spreading love and joy, let's journey into our blog: featuring unique & delightful ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids. From self-care activities that pamper and soothe to starting new family traditions, we're here to make sure this V-Day is as special as it can be!



Embrace the power of kindness

Use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of kindness. Discuss with your children how showing kindness can brighten someone's day and make a lasting impact on their lives!

  • Keep them comfortable in our Valentine’s Day Play Collection, then spend time planning activities that involve spreading kindness. Design, make and deliver Valentine's cards to neighbors, nursing homes, old and new friends or local shelters. Emphasize the joy that comes from giving and helping others.
  • Create a kindness jar where each family member can write down acts of kindness they've done or experienced. Gather together for dinner or a special Valentine’s Day snack and read the different forms of kindness aloud. Have each family member read a random note picked from the jar and reflect upon why the act was so special.

Teach a lesson about love in all forms

Valentine’s Day 2024 is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids that love comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It's about the love between family members, friends, and even the love we show to ourselves and our community. 

  • Encourage your children to express love through simple acts of kindness. Help them craft homemade Valentine’s Day cards using simple materials like construction paper, markers, stickers and glitter. 
  • Add a heartfelt message to the sweet card and let your kids focus on the joy of giving a homemade gift made with their own little hands. And don’t forget to sign off with XOXO, hugs and kisses!
  • Talk to your kids about the recipients, why they are special, and what makes them unique. Ask your kids to tell you a favorite story about the person they wrote a card to.


Share joy, together

Focus on the joy that comes from sharing and giving. Encourage your children to share their time, talents and resources with others, fostering a sense of community and interconnectedness.

  • Organize a family game night in family matching pajamas and bake treats to share with neighbors and friends.
  • Look for community service projects you can do together. Visit the local library to join a reading group, and let your kids share their joy with children in the area.
  • Decorate your home together with Valentine's Day-themed crafts, like paper heart garlands, love-themed banners and window decorations.
  • Designate a special space to showcase cards and messages sent by family and friends, and create a welcoming nook where you can read and discuss the shared love.

Start sweet new family traditions

Establish meaningful family traditions centered around love and kindness to create lasting memories. These traditions can serve as the cornerstone of a warm and supportive Valentine’s Day connection.



Prioritize self-love & self-care 

Remind your children about the significance of self-love and self-care. Encourage them to appreciate themselves, their uniqueness and their accomplishments—big and small.

  • Plan activities that involve loving self-care, such as a family spa night, where everyone can indulge in relaxation and pampering. Consider sharing massages, healing face masks and warm bubble baths.
  • Have a conversation as a family about the things they appreciate about themselves. Start a family journal, with prompts such as: How do you show yourself love? What do you love most about yourself? What makes you special? 
  • Mindfulness is also a way to practice self-love. It can help our little ones manage stress, build resilience and better express their emotions. In this advice-packed blog article, we asked a pediatric mental health expert for her expert tips.

We hope this blog has inspired you to approach this Valentine's Day with a focus on love, kindness and sharing joy with others. When you share your family’s sweet Valentine’s Day moments on Instagram, don’t forget to tag us @littlesleepies!


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