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Dance Mode! An Inside Look at How the Bluey Collection Came to Life

Three children sitting in chairs with a Bluey background Three children sitting in chairs with a Bluey background

One of our most anticipated drops of all time is finally here! 

We’ve gone all out to capture the essence of Bluey’s world, and we’re thrilled to share this playful & imaginative line. A top-requested drop by our LS community (and our own team!), we hope this selection of cozy-cute styles is a dream come true for fans of the adorable Heeler family!

Of course, our Bluey Collection includes cozy Lunaluxe™ Bamboo pajamas for full family matching during those living room dance-offs. But we’re also introducing a ton of new kids' Play styles that are bound to be the talk of the playground: including colorful bucket hats, one of a kind bomber jackets and the cutest striped shorts.

In this blog, we share why Team LS has fallen head over heels for Bluey, unveil new styles & offer a sneak peek behind the scenes at our Hollywood HQ photo shoot. Spoiler alert: we had everybody in dance mode! 

Why Team LS loves Bluey

“I actually discovered Bluey through our VIP Group. Hearing and seeing posts about the show, I decided to watch it with my son Parker and immediately loved how we could watch (and usually dance!) together and both really enjoy it.

The biggest parenting advice I’ve learned from Chilli & Bandit is that sometimes the most simple things can create the best memories. And I love how simple games like keepy uppy have made their way into our home!” - Lindsay M., Marketing 


“In this house, we LOVE Bluey! My Ana Bean's been watching Bluey since it came out, and even now, makes it a point to go back and watch every single season straight through. There's so many reasons both children and parents enjoy Bluey so much. Not only is it entertaining, it brings so much laughter and joy to everyone and the life lessons we can all learn from this show are absolutely amazing. Below are a few of our favorite lessons:

Counting Your Blessings - "Life is worth it when you appreciate the little things"

Kindness - "Kindness will return to you if you are kind to others"

Optimism - "Rainbows always come after a storm to give us hope"

Family - "The greatest treasure is time spent with loved ones"

Growing/Growth - "Learning from your mistakes and trying again is part of growing up"

We actually have these written down and placed on our icebox as a reminder that we can refer back to each day.” - Shanelle Q., Customer Support

“Bluey is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. I love the focus on quality time and fun family games!” - Erin M., Merchandising

“Bluey’s focus on imaginative play and positive parenting really resonates with us. As a first-time parent, the show has been an invaluable guide, teaching me lessons about parenthood that strengthen my bond with my son. The emphasis on active engagement and embracing our children's imaginations has brought us such joy.” - Brittney W., Social

From matchy PJs to head-turning daywear

Okay, who remembers the Bluey “Dance Mode'' episode?! Well, it’s one of our absolute favorites. And we used our Bluey collaboration as an opportunity to bring the charm of the "Dance Mode" episode into your home! 

Our Lunaluxe™ Bamboo pajamas feature Bluey, Bingo, Chilli & Bandit showing off their moves. With pajamas for full family matching, get ready for picture-perfect family dance-offs in the living room, followed by cozy moments snuggled up to watch your favorite Bluey episodes. 

And we trust our new Bluey Play clothes will fast become your little ones’ new favorites, too — featuring everything from Bluey bucket hats to Bluey bomber jackets with trendy patches. We're also excited to introduce dresses and graphic tees that capture the joy of Bluey's world!

Dance mode at our Hollywood HQ

Photoshoot day at our Hollywood HQ was packed with laughter, dance battles and a whole lot of silliness! A key player in keeping the energy high and the kids happy was our talented child wrangler, Dawn. She quickly won over the children with her warmth, using bubbles and balloons to keep their spirits high. Her singing also added to the day’s soundtrack!

As the photoshoot unfolded, our models showed off their moves as dance-offs filled the room with a happy buzz. Our photographer Ron’s trusted toy monkey, aptly dubbed Mr. Monkey, was back in action! As usual, he helped capture the kids' attention and coaxed out their best smiles and poses as Ron snapped away.

With the help of our child wrangler, art director and photo team, we managed to capture so many special moments.

Children, parents and the Little Sleepies team were all drawn into the fun, creating a day that felt less like work and more like a celebration. It was a reminder of the joy that comes when friends and fam come together to dance, laugh, and simply be together.

As we wrap up this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Bluey Collection, we hope you've felt the playful spirit that’s driven this line. Our goal was to translate the fun, love & imaginative play that defines the show into cozy pieces that spark joy for you and your families. 

We hope these new styles bring you all together and remind you of the importance of imagination & the delight of childhood!

We’re so thrilled for you and your family to wear these designs! Remember to share your moments with us on Instagram. Here's to fun family adventures in your new Bluey styles!


  • Maureen Clark


    Nana to three boys here! I’m so lucky I had today off so I could order all three Bluey short sleeve pajamas! Thank you!

  • Amy


    We can’t wait for this drop💙🫶🏼

  • Dorothy ashley


    Ahhh omg so cute can’t wait!

  • Lori Berner


    We have been so excited about this!! I’m 54 and love me some Bluey!!

  • Robyn Macrina


    So cute!!!!

  • Cari C


    Our family has been Bluey fans since our almost 3yo was about 6 months old. Mommy and daddy are guilty of watching Bluey without our LO at times ❤️

  • Callie Melendez


    The drop I have been waiting for ever since the waitlist came out! So highly anticipated but you guys never fail! These prints are PERFECT.

  • Janice Carter


    Anxiously awaiting the appearance of Bluey to make my purchases.

  • Imelda romero


    OMG my son and I can’t wait !

  • Lori Perine


    What wonderful sentiments. Such a great line coming out. 😊 Thank You

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