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Comfy, Cozy & Communicating: Meet the Mood Ring Zippy

Meet the Mood Ring Zippy. All new Moodies technology. Soft, smart fabric changes color with baby's mood. The same fold-over features you love. Meet the Mood Ring Zippy. All new Moodies technology. Soft, smart fabric changes color with baby's mood. The same fold-over features you love.

We’re so excited to share the newest addition to our sleepwear line: the Mood Ring Zippy! We’ve been hard at work creating a new collection of PJs that infuse our buttery soft Lunaluxe™ bamboo fabric with all-new Moodies technology. These Zippies are designed to keep your littles cozy, comfy & communicating… well before they say their first words!


How does it work? 

Moodies is an innovative new thread that contains a special thermochromic element. Previously only found in "mood stones”—the kind often spotted at your local History Museum or Town Fair—we’ve taken this age-old technology and woven it into our signature Lunaluxe™ bamboo fabric. 

The result? Jammies that change color based on your little one’s mood!

All-new Moodies technology. Soft, smart fabric changes color with baby's mood. The same fold-over features you love.


Here’s why you’ll love this new addition:

Stay one step ahead 

Our signature Moodies technology helps you read your child’s mind. So, you’ll know what your baby is thinking, well before they break out in tears or giggles! When this next-gen Zippy turns orange, your little one is hungry! Go get that snack! When this Zippy goes purple, they’re sleepy. Leave the family function! When this Zippy turns pink, your child is nervous. That doggy is a little too close… it’s time to move! 

With our Mood Ring Zippy, you’ll be one step ahead of the game—and ready to meet your little one’s needs. 


Designed for comfort

Like the rest of our sleepwear line, our Mood Ring Zippy is tagless for ultimate comfort. A double zipper is ideal for fast, hassle-free dressing, and fold-over mittens and feet make for scratch-free cheeks and warm toes! Moodies tech is discreetly woven into our snuggly soft fabric, so your littles won’t know the difference. 


Now you can know everything!

Have you ever wondered why your littles is smiling? Is it you, is it the sunshine, or is it the mango chunks? With the Mood Ring Zippy, you’ll find clarity in the subtle shades. 

When the Zippy turns yellow, your little one is happy. Sunny yellow? Loving the weather. Light yellow? Overjoyed to see you. Deep yellow? Grateful for this delightful snack—more, please!

A gift like no other

If you’re looking for a baby gift for a new mom, color-changing baby pajamas are the perfect option. Our Mood Ring Zippies offer the same picture-perfect style you love, now with life-changing technology. 

While we’d love to know your thoughts on a Mood Ring Zippy… it doesn’t exist! Happy April Fool’s Day, from all of us at Little Sleepies. Now, here are some real cozy-cute styles you might love:




  • Molly


    I was literally looking for the link and drop date!! Ha.. GOOD ONE! 🥲💛

  • Brittany


    Totally fell for it. I’m sort of glad it was a joke though… I was wondering what could they possibly be putting in the fabric to make it do that lol

  • Katie


    As a sleep deprived mother, I did not find this April fools joke funny at all. It was a poor use of client email and wasted valuable time for parents who don’t have an extra 30sec even to waste reading false info from a brand we trust. This unfortunately makes me think less of the brand when I was already frustrated that I cannot find the family sizes I needed for any of the spring/summer fam matching pjs. I expected better and know I’m not the only parent to think so.

  • Kayla


    I feel so stupid. ☠️

  • Lori



  • Kristen


    Now I’m so disappointed they’re not real haha. Husbands not so disappointed 😂

  • Jennifer Ocker


    This is amazing! When it turns purple time to leave the family function…what a great built in excuse. And the subtle shades to tell you whether it’s you or the snack…hilarious!! 😂😂 Nest Aprils Fools I’ve seen yet.

  • Lori Mayfield


    I was so excited. Now I’m sad 🤣🤣

  • Darlene


    You got me!😂

  • Skinnypatra


    Not cool I thought I miss a drop. Then it hit me April fools. You got me. 😂

  • Sierra Jones


    Haha you had me going!

  • Stefany


    LOL I was so ready to purchase some!!

  • Shannon


    Got me! I hate April fools. I was like no way this can be true, but wanted to believe it😂.

  • Richa S


    It’s actually kind of possible to do- remember Hypercolor shirts from the 90’s? They did exactly this

  • Mariah Storm


    You guys really got me….lol

  • Elizabeth Mika


    I just texted my sister so excited! I was about to order for my niece and nephew but couldn’t find the link. And I was well aware that it’s April Fools Day! Lol! That was a good one! But seriously, please make it happen! lol.

  • Natalie


    Omg! Had me good!

  • Erin Coffman


    At first, I thought you were coming out with different colors. Then I read and was like oh cool they change color, I want one. Then it said April fools lol. That would be really cool.

  • Melissa


    You had me until you mentioned orange for hunger. I was thinking it might be heat activated, but it wouldn’t be able to detect hunger!

  • Rebecca


    April Fools!! 💙

  • Donna jackson


    I spent 20 min looking for the mood ring Jammie’s because I was so excited that I never finished the paragraph to find out they were fake 😖😖😖

  • Jennifer


    Color changing pj’s would be so cool!! I would definitely buy them.

  • Karen


    How do I order mood ring zippy can not find it on your website?

  • Lynnea Ling


    When do the mood Jammie’s come out?

  • Emma Mullock


    Are they going to be the same?

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