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How to Craft Perfect Newborn Birth Announcements, With Tips From the LS Photographer

Image of a pregnancy announcement Image of a pregnancy announcement

Springtime equals baby announcement time, and we're all about making yours stand out in the most adorable way possible!

It can be overwhelming to decide the best way to break the news about the birth of your newest little dreamer. Luckily, we're here to guide you with this comprehensive guide.

Read on for expert advice, inspiration from the LS community & photography tips from our very own Little Sleepies photographer, Ron Chavez!

sun with Little Sleepies sleepy eyes

When to Announce Your Newborn

The birth of a baby is a magical time for parents. The countdown is over and your cutie is finally here! That excitement brings anticipation from family and friends that cannot wait to see your new family member.

Whether you choose to announce your child from the hospital, days, or even a few weeks after birth, there is no right or wrong time to do it! Announcement photos can be taken on your phone or by a professional photographer — go with what feels right for your unique family.

The days after birth can be a challenge for any parent. For moms still recovering, it is okay to keep your attention on yourself and your baby. Listen to your body, and focus on ways to build your strength and confidence.

The first week is a good time for newborn photos! However, if you're not feeling up to it, it's best to wait until you do. A less stressed parent will reflect in photos!



Getting the News Out

Hear ye! Hear ye! We've come a long way since town criers rang the bell to alert the village of the latest news. Social media allows us to share news effortlessly to friends and loved ones with a quick post! For family members not on social media, there are many companies that provide templates for mailers or e-cards.

To avoid repetitive questions, be sure to include the most asked birth details in your announcement: the day, the time of birth, baby's length, weight, and, of course, the name!


"...But What Will I Wear?!"

Who are we kidding? Chances are, the baby's going home outfit was picked months before the hospital bag was packed. When you choose an outfit for your newborn announcement photos, you want something soft, cute and convenient.

Any Little Sleepies Zippy can provide newborns with that warm and cozy feeling, while the double-zipper allows easy access for diaper changes. Fold-over features for hands and feet also conveniently protect those cute little faces.

Families can coordinate outfits with matching prints or by color scheme. Comfort is key for all members of the family — not just the new baby. Plus, a comfortable child is more likely to cooperate for pictures!



Pick a Cute Newborn Photo Theme

Incorporating a theme in an announcement is a great way to showcase your creativity. Here are some ideas to consider!

Zippy Before & After: Coordinate your pregnancy announcement with your newborn announcement to create a memorable before & after effect! A before could include an ultrasound image, positive pregnancy test, or an empty sleeper along with a newborn Zippy. And after? The baby in that same sleeper with all the birth details!

Siblings in the Kitchen: Let the siblings in on the photo fun! We love a cute before photo of siblings in the kitchen wearing Cookies & Milk Zippies, preparing a recipe for a new baby sibling. Don't forget a cute sign that shows how it bakes until the due date. The after photo can feature the whole crew together in the same matching Sleepies — baked to perfection!

Find Inspiration in the Nursery: You can also coordinate your announcement photo with the theme of your baby's nursery. For parents who have opted for a neutral theme, our Rust Rainbows Zippy or Luna Neutral is a good fit for those neutral vibes. You can also play hide and seek with a camouflage effect by matching crib sheets with the baby's Zippy!




Choose a Holiday Theme: A holiday theme can be incorporated into your announcement photos for babies born during the holiday season. Choose a solid or seasonal print to celebrate the cutest pumpkin in the patch, or Santa's newest elf... Safe props can also be added for fun!



Lights, Camera, Action!

We had the joy of chatting with our own Little Sleepies photographer, Ron Chavez, to gain insight on how to elevate those newborn photos at home!

Here's a rundown on his top tips for newborn photography:

When creating a space to take your newborn photos, Ron advises: "Keep things simple in a clean, calm, warm & well-lit room."

For lighting? "Natural day lighting is best, but avoid direct sunlight. Try to look for a soft, diffused light — such as on an overcast day."

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for photos, opt for: "Soft colors such as neutrals or pastels, and avoid bold colors."

Parents know that our littles may not always cooperate, so he suggests: "Have baby essentials ready in case of accidents, and take breaks as needed."

Newborns love to be warm, fed, freshly diapered, and rested. Ron recommends having those basic needs met prior to taking photos. Babies in general can be unpredictable. If things are not going as planned, don't be afraid to: "Switch things up and take the time to make your baby happy again."



"Kids are notorious for not sitting still. Their limited attention spans might take a lot of distraction techniques to get the job done for pictures. Don't be afraid to be silly and get creative. Sing a song, make funny faces, shake your booty to some music."

It can help to have an extra set of hands available... shoutout to the aunties, grandmas & best friends of the world! The most important thing to remember is patience is key. For Ron, he emphasizes trying to shoot more candid moments over forced poses that may be uncomfortable for baby: "Try interacting with your baby to capture their natural reactions — which will be genuine and precious moments to have captured."

The Finishing Touches

One thing to avoid with your newborn announcement photos? Heavy filtering! Ron keeps his photos natural and warm, or uses black and white with medium contrast to give photos a different vibe. He cautions against over-editing — photos will lose their quality and charm!

sunshine with Little Sleepies sleepy eyes

The birth of your new baby is a once in a lifetime experience, and the perfect baby photos can capture those precious moments in time. For your child, they can serve as fond reminders of their family's love!

Life will get busier & busier, but be sure to take time to cherish these moments. They go by fast! We hope our expert tips help inspire you to take the best newborn announcement photos possible.

We would love to hear more about how you went about your newborn photos! Or, if you're expecting — let us know what you've got in the works!

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