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The Best Little Sleepies Pregnancy Announcements

The Best Little Sleepies Pregnancy Announcements The Best Little Sleepies Pregnancy Announcements

What better way to share the incredible news that you’re expecting than with a fun and memorable pregnancy announcement? We love to see how you incorporate our prints to announce the start of your new adventure.

We collected unique and creative ideas from parents in our community to share these pregnancy announcements. From heartwarming to downright hilarious, get ready to dive into a world of imagination and excitement!

A Sweet Surprise

Who can resist a sweet treat? Combine our Rainbow Sprinkles print with popsicles, ice cream cones, and soft serve swirls to create a simple "We're Expecting!" message. Gather your loved ones for a delightful dessert party and watch their reactions as they discover the surprise baked inside. It's a sure recipe for smiles and laughter!


Start Matching Early

Recruit a little helper for your pregnancy announcement – a hilarious sidekick! Dress up your partner, sibling, or even the family pet in Matching Sibling Sets with a sign that says, "Promoted to Big Brother/Sister" or "Official Baby Announcer." Snap a photo or record a video as they reveal the news, capturing the priceless reactions of your loved ones.

image courtesy of @kamexplainsitall


Recipe for a Baby

Bake a batch of scrumptious cookies and create a fun announcement with our Cookies & Milk design, available in blue and pink. Use the cookies to write a message with frosting, or share a special moment baking with your partner in our Matching Pajamas

image courtesy of @summerhwilliams

Rainbow Babies

Our Rainbow prints are often a symbol of hope for parents that celebrate the news of a baby. A “Rainbow Baby” is a child born after the loss of a previous baby, giving the symbol of rainbows a special meaning to families who have experienced loss. Announce your special message with our designs, available in different colors. 

New parents also love to use the Rainbow print to share the announcement of their adoption. Blessings can be announced in different ways, and we’re glad that these special Signature prints are part of your life.

image courtesy of @Leighanne S.

Under Construction

This is a fun design to incorporate into your pregnancy announcement. Your child can wear Construction PJs with a fun sign (“baby brother under construction” or “big sister under construction”). Or style an image with a Zippy and a cute sign!

image courtesy of @mama_timko


Eggcited to Meet You

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it’s a great idea to incorporate it into your pregnancy announcement. Our Breakfast Buddies design (in blue and pink) is the perfect outfit for the family to wear while making breakfast and creating this message!

image courtesy of @becca_gibson

Let the Sun Shine

Let the sun take center stage with this fun pregnancy announcement with our adorable Sunshine print. Use a family summer vacation as a backdrop to your baby announcement by writing your announcement in the sand, or add a custom sign with the sunset and your family.

Solid Decision

If your kids already have Matching Pajamas, add a Solid Zippy that complements their design for a fun family-inspired pregnancy announcement. Our solid colors are designed to coordinate with your beloved prints.

Holiday Babies

Capture the holiday spirit by organizing a festive-themed photo shoot for your baby announcement. Little Sleepies celebrates your favorite holidays with designs made for the Fourth of July, Easter, and Christmas, to name a few. Get the entire family in matching holiday-themed pajamas, and create a message as unique as you:

  • Valentine’s Day: Love is in the Air, and We Have Some News to Share

  • St. Patrick’s Day: Our Lucky Charm Arrives [Date]

  • Easter: Our Little Bunny is on the Way

  • Fourth of July: Red, White, and Due on [Date]

  • Halloween Our Little Pumpkin is Coming [Date]

  • Thanksgiving: One More Reason to be Thankful this Year

  • Christmas: It’s the Most Wonderful News of the Year

Ah, the sweet anticipation of welcoming a new life into the world! You're well-equipped to spread the joy and excitement of your upcoming journey. Whether you opt for something sweet and sentimental or go all out with a grand spectacle, remember to make it personal and authentic to your unique story.

We’d love to see your pregnancy announcements featuring LS! Tag us on socials at @littlesleepies so we can celebrate with you. 


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