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Airplane Mode On: 6 Tips for Flying with Kids

Airplane Mode On: 6 Tips for Flying with Kids Airplane Mode On: 6 Tips for Flying with Kids

Spread your wings and get ready to travel with your kids this year! 

Getting on a plane with kids of any age doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare with these mom-tested tips for flying with babies and toddlers. Packing and preparing to travel is easy when you place comfort in first class! It’s no surprise that parents love to travel with their favorite Little Sleepies pieces for comfort, convenience, and play. And here are some of our favorite tips that are love at first flight.

Prep for Sleep and Comfort

Creating the environment of sleep at 30,000 feet will help you find joy in the journey. Try to fly during your child’s usual sleep and nap times to minimize interruptions. But if the arrival and departures times don’t line up, keep them comfortable in our Zippies and Two-Piece Pajamas to recreate a sleepy zone.

If you get cold on planes, the kids are definitely going to be chilly! We have you covered — our jammies provide warm layers for unpredictable temperature changes on a plane. And our ​​fold-over foot cuffs on our Zippies will keep those little toes warm and toasty!



Plan for in-flight entertainment and you won’t regret it. In addition to packing their favorite toys and games, consider crafts that won’t make a mess (leave the glitter at home) like water coloring books. Packing a new toy or activity for the trip is another great way to maximize their attention for the flight.

Don’t forget their favorite Sleepyhead Lovey so they have a travel companion.


Stress Free Dress

Whether you’re on a quick flight to see friends or a long haul to visit grandad, being comfortable is key. Take off with our cute and durable Play by Little Sleepies for adorable outfits while in a tight space. Made with our signature Lunaluxe™ bamboo fabric and no itchy tags, this collection has travel comfort built in.

Another great reason to fly with Play by Little Sleepies? The transition from plane ride to car ride is a breeze! And always bring an extra set of Little Sleepies because the adventure awaits!


Snack Attack

Bringing their favorite treats is a great way to keep them distracted and happy as you head into the clouds. Parents in the LS VIP community love to store snacks in compartment organizers. They turn it into a game! And when you’re flying solo, it’s an easy way to pull out the snacks with one hand and hold the baby with the other hand!

And a best practice we’ve shared here before: nursing or feeding during takeoff and landing can help ease any ear popping discomfort for parents traveling with babies.


Snug as a Bug

While you’re not traveling in a car, using a carseat on the plane seat for young kids can be helpful. Some of our moms find that when toddlers are in their carseat, they tend to stay - it’s what they know when in a car! And when you have two kids - this may be a big help.

Travel warriors that fly overnight take Little Sleepies Sleepy Bags as an extra snuggly support item. It helps with tight diaper changes while keeping your little comfortable. The Cloud Blanket® Collection is another fan favorite for cozy cuddles above the clouds!



Packing light is key when you’re already carrying precious cargo. So it’s important to bring only the essentials onboard. See above: snacks, change of clothes, favorite toys, and entertainment. But in the case of lost or delayed luggage, make it easier for everyone (read: you) with a small first aid kit, medications, extra diapers, and cleaning supplies.

And if you dare: a book for you to read. (We know. We’re laughing out loud too!)

What are you packing on the plane this year, adventure warriors? Do your kids have a favorite game to play or do you have a trick that you would like to share with other parents? Let us know below in the comments or join us on Facebook at the Little Sleepies VIPs group.


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