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A Zippy for Every Era (Little Sleepies’ Version)

A Zippy for Every Era (Little Sleepies’ Version) A Zippy for Every Era (Little Sleepies’ Version)

There’s something so enchanting about a live show. Especially one that weaves together a career’s worth of albums, unforgettable style and a next-level passionate crowd screaming along to every lyric.

So enchanting, in fact, that it inspired the unexpected.

A few lucky LA-based members of our team attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium last year, and the experience just…hit different. Moved by the show, we're beyond excited to share something truly special with you & your little superstars.

Presenting our newest collection: A Zippy for Every Era.

So good, it’s almost like you’re in one of your wildest dreams. That, or it’s April 1st. Either way…

The Feeling 22 (Months Old) Zippy

This bold Zippy is for the outspoken little ones who live life fearlessly, one drool at a time. Best paired with a tiny black fedora, it’s made for the babies who are feeling twenty-two months old — ready to dance around in their cribs with unparalleled enthusiasm. It’s a sparkly reminder that every day is a reason to celebrate, to babble loudly, and, of course, to drool a bit along the way.


The Don’t Blame Me Zippy

Strength, confidence, unapologetic boldness. This reputation era inspired Zippy is designed for the tiny rebels, who, even at their tender age, show a glimmer of independence and spunk. Featuring sparkling flames down one leg (and only one leg), it’s meant for babies who command the room – or the playpen – with their unmistakable presence.


The Lavender Haze Zippy

This night is sparkling! Every midnight will feel like a dreamy lavender haze with this glittering lavender Zippy. A tribute to the sweet melodies and magic of first loves…or in this case, first giggles & coos. A pale purple faux fur coat adds to its girly charm, while an ombre of pink to purple sequins will make your baby the star of the crib — bathed in the soft glow of a nursery light. Here’s to sweet dreams of being the star of the show, kiddo.


The Gold Rush Zippy

An ode to the evermore era, this Zippy features a deep champagne background adorned with subtle golden patterns. The detachable ivy green cape adds a magical touch, transforming your little one into the hero of their own fairy tale. Long story short, it’s made from soft, breathable bamboo, gentle on delicate skin and robust enough to withstand even the most daring adventures.

Embrace every era, LS fam. We know all too well how fast they grow up.

…And even though these only exist in our wildest dreams, you can enjoy some of our favorite real-life zippies below. Use code LSVERSION for 13% off* and have yourself a very merry April Fools’ Day ❤️

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  • Raven


    I was definitely willing to drop everything to purchase the whole eras LS collection.

  • Laura Raines


    This is the most cruel April fools prank for me to date. Please make a Taylor swift little sleepies collection. For boys too! PLEASE!!

  • Waliyah


    Horrible… Just horrible. 😂

  • Kelby


    Happy April Fools! Haha

  • Liane


    We want a TS edit, make it happen!!

  • Kari


    Okay but I love it 😂😂😂
    Happy April Fools!

  • Kelly


    Happy April Fools!! Though a TSwift print would be amazing!

  • Carly


    Happy April fools lol!

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