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Helpful Tips on Working from Home with Your Kids this Summer

Helpful Tips on Working from Home with Your Kids this Summer Helpful Tips on Working from Home with Your Kids this Summer

Summer is here which means your kids are home from school! We also know that many of parents in the LS community work from home, balancing work responsibilities and caring for their children.

With the flexibility and convenience of remote work, it's possible to create a harmonious environment where you can be productive and enjoy quality time with your kids. Here are some strategies to help you work from home this summer with your little ones.

Establish a Routine

Just like you need a routine when you work from home, it’s important to create a structured routine for your children this summer. Establish a consistent schedule that balances work hours, breaks, and dedicated time for your kids. 

Involve your children in designing the routine, and create a fun and colorful display of the schedule in a visible area to help everyone stay on track. And let them stay comfortable in their Sleepies all day with these summer essentials!

Designate a Workspace

You probably have a designated workspace, but with your kids home from school, you may need to adjust so you stay close to your kids during the day. Set up a dedicated desk or corner where you can work without distractions, and communicate to your kids that when you're in this space, you're focused on work.

Make them feel involved in the workday with a special workspace for your kids as well! Let them have fun by creating a space where they can draw and build new ideas.

Communicate Expectations

Have an open and honest conversation with your kids about your work obligations, and set boundaries. Manage expectations and the importance of uninterrupted work time. Encourage your kids to ask questions. By involving them in the process, they will feel more engaged and understand your situation.

Your manager should also know that you have kids home this summer. Most employers with remote employees understand that kids are out of school, so have that conversation now so they are aware of breaks and the occasional distraction.

Plan Activities

Keep your kids occupied during work hours by planning engaging activities they can enjoy independently or with minimal supervision. Create a list of age-appropriate activities, such as arts and crafts, puzzles, reading, educational apps, or outdoor games.

If there are activities you both love, schedule time during lunch or between calls to complete a project together. Here are some activities that we think your kids will love this summer.

Prioritize Quality Time

While working from home, carve out quality time to spend with your kids. Go on a walk, play a board game, or share lunch and snacks together. If your employer is open to having your kids join team calls or virtual activities, invite them to meet your team and say hi!

Consider starting a garden with your kids this summer, and use the breaks to check on your progress. Or take a break from your desk with these easy yoga poses that your kids will enjoy too.

Be Flexible

The great weather and long days can easily distract any adult or kid. Be prepared to adjust your work schedule and routine as your kid’s needs vary, and unexpected situations come up. Embrace flexibility and adaptability, knowing that finding the perfect balance may require experimentation.

Also, let your coworkers know if your kids are in the room or if you need to take a meeting from another location. Colleagues are usually open to saying hi and adjusting their own time if you need to deal with an urgent matter.

Working from home during the summer with kids can be rewarding! But you’ll need a little bit of planning and consistency to make it all work out for your family. You can strike a balance that allows you to exceed at work while also enjoying summer break with your kids.

Are you a remote worker that also has kids at home this summer? How do you make it work? Tell us below in the comments.


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