Free Shipping On US Orders Over $25
Free Shipping On US Orders Over $25

Introducing… The Cuddle Crew!

Our official creator program is *finally* here, and we’re so excited to share it with you! The Cuddle Crew is an exclusive group of content creators who earn rewards through posting about us on social media. If you want to help us make parents’ lives easier with PJs that are comfy, long-lasting, convenient and fun, we hope you’ll join us in spreading the cozy word!

How It Works

Apply to Join the Crew

Submitting an application is easy! Just share your email, Instagram and TikTok usernames, answer some quick questions, and we’ll get back to you soon. Once you’re in, we’ll send you $100 in site credit as a welcome! 

Post On Social

Every month, we’ll send an email with exciting challenges for you to take on. Create content from your fave prompts and post on your IG Reels or TikTok! Be sure to follow the guidelines, tag @littlesleepies in the captions and include the monthly challenge hashtag (included in each email) along with #lscuddlecrew 

Earn Rewards

Once you submit a challenge, we'll review and approve your entry, so long as it follows the post guidelines (see FAQ below). Once approved, you’ll receive an email. Each completed challenge = One Sleepy Star! From site credit to surprise gifts, you’ll love the perks Sleepy Stars unlock. We can't wait to see your content!

Who Doesn’t ❤️ Rewards?! 

  • Image of female model wearing an adult sleeping eye mask in aquamarine. The eye mask features Little Sleepies eyes printed on it.
    Earn 5 Sleepy Stars

    Nice work! You’ll receive a Scrunchie + Eye Mask.

  • Earn 10 Sleepy Stars

    Sweet! You’ll receive a snuggly soft Cloud Blanket! (Prints pending availability)

  • Earn 25 Sleepy Stars

    This one’s big! Hit 25 Sleepy Stars and we’ll send you *exclusive* Cuddle Crew swag.

Colored stripes
  • Seasonal Challenges

    Make on-trend seasonal content in your LS jams! From going to a pumpkin patch in your fall-themed Sleepies to making gingerbread houses in your holiday prints, each month will bring a new challenge to have fun completing with your family. You can read each monthly prompt in the challenge announcement email! 

  • Trend Challenges

    Funny videos with trending audios are always a blast to make and watch, so this challenge is here to stay! Throw on your Little Sleepies and hop on one of the many viral trends of the month to complete this challenge. Show off your personality and increase your chances of winning our Viral Bonus! (See FAQ for more details)

Cuddle Crew Perks

  • Site credit = FREE PJs!

    As soon as you join the crew, you’ll receive $100 in site credit as a welcome. You’ll also get $50 for every Sleepy Star you earn! 

  • Features on LS Socials

    We love sharing our favorite videos on our own channels. Create something magical, and you might get a repost! 

  • ✨The Viral Bonus✨

    Do you have what it takes to go viral?! Let’s see! Receive a $200 gift card when your #lscuddlecrew post reaches over 1M impressions.

  • Monthly newsletter subscription

    Stay in-the-know with everything Sleepies! 

  • & More

    We’re just getting started. Trust us, there’s so much more to come. We hope you’ll join the crew!

  • Members only benefits

    Join exclusive member only events! 

  • Early Access Opportunities

    That’s right — enjoy opportunities for early access to select product drops!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rewarded?

If your post follows the guidelines, it will be approved and you’ll receive an email notification within 24 hours! 

What are the post guidelines?

All posts must follow the monthly challenge prompt, captions MUST include @littlesleepies, #lscuddlecrew,  the challenge hashtag and follow the rest of our guidelines in the terms & conditions here!

How will I be notified of challenges and rewards?

We love emails! You’ll be sent an email with the address you entered in your application of all Cuddle Crew news, updates, and notifications - including post approvals, challenge announcements, rewards, etc. 

How will I receive my reward?

All rewards will be sent at the end of each month via email! 

What is a Sleepy Star?

One approved challenge = 1 Sleepy Star!

Can I get rewarded on other social platforms? Are IG stories included?

While we encourage you to share on other platforms, only approved Instagram Reels and TikTok videos are currently eligible for rewards. Stories and in-feed photos are not eligible for rewards.

What is my reward eligible towards?

You will receive a unique, one-time code that cannot be combined with other offers. If there are limitations, those will be denoted in the reward email you receive at the end of the month!

When will Little Sleepies repost my content?

While we wish we could repost all of your adorable content, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it will be reshared. Little Sleepies has a tight content calendar based on our release schedule, so we post UGC accordingly.

What size should I order? What size should my kids wear?

Please refer to our Sizing Help Center for all inquiries and/or customer testimonials around sizing.

Am I eligible for this program if I live outside the United States?

Eligibility for the Cuddle Crew ambassador program is restricted to U.S. only applicants at this time.

Can I participate in a Disney Challenge?

Unfortunately, due to our licensing partnership restrictions we do not offer challenges for any of our licensing collaborations.

Why wasn't my post approved?

Please refer to our terms and conditions page for any inquiries around the post approval process.

Terms & Conditions

Please follow the link here and review to ensure you are meeting all the terms & conditions of the program and your posts!

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my reward or have questions about the program?

Please reach out to with all inquiries regarding the Cuddle Crew creator program.

How do I get rewarded?

Ensure you’ve tagged @littlesleepies and are following the post guidelines. You will be sent an email to the email you registered with once your post has been approved.